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YouTube is one of the biggest sources for learning marketing strategies. There are a lot of channels active on YouTube with the world’s best experts that are offering online digital marketing courses . These channels cover all the topics related to Digital marketing services, social media marketing strategies, best SEO techniques, and the best marketing ideas for business. The channels have video tutorials about online marketing services.

YouTube has evolved into more than just a platform for entertaining videos; it has become a powerhouse for digital marketing. With billions of users and countless hours of content consumed daily, YouTube offers a goldmine of opportunities for businesses and individuals alike. Whether you’re interested in learning how to create a YouTube channel, or how to increase your YouTube subscribers, this article will delve into the top 15 digital marketing channels on YouTube that cover a wide array of topics, catering to both beginners and seasoned marketers.

List of Top 15 Digital Marketing Channels on YouTube:


Channel Name Subscribers About

1. S2S Marketing




 Social media, customer services, and digital marketing

2. SEMrush 162K SEO, digital marketing, and social media
3. Moz 89.7K SEO, Social Media, and Digital Marketing
4. HubSpot 329k Digital Marketing, SEO, Designing and developing
5. Backlinko 528K SEO, link-building, and digital marketing
6. Unbounce 10.9K SEO strategies, social media marketing, and digital marketing
7. Neil Patel 1.18M SEO strategies and digital marketing
8. Google Analytics 430K Google product details and product tips, digital marketing services
9. Digital Marketer 63K Digital marketing services techniques
10. Ahrefs 426K SEO, link-building, and digital marketing, Google ranking tips
11. Gary Vee

SEO, Digital Marketing, Strategic Planning, Entrepreneurship, Social Media

12. AppSumo


Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, SEO Strategies

13. Entrepreneur


Business Ideas and trends, Digital business strategies, Traffic generation

14. Umer Tazkeer


Marketing Fundamentals, Digital Marketing Strategies

15. Digital Marketing Guruji


Digital Marketing, Ecommerce

1. S2S Marketing

Digital Marketing Channels on Youtube

S2S Marketing is a channel on YouTube that offers social media, customer services, and digital marketing services to companies to gain and engage customers. This is a channel that focuses on how to learn digital marketing on YouTube and how to do digital marketing. It is a growing digital marketing channel on YouTube.

It also has an S2S Blog where it writes blogs on social media marketing and online marketing services in Pakistan. The channel shares the expert views on the channel as well as answers the viewer’s questions. S2S marketing shares its unique marketing strategies with viewers.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of online earning in Pakistan, exploring online earning websites in Pakistan can unveil a plethora of platforms catering to freelancers, content creators, and digital marketers. S2S Blog is here to teach you how to earn online by digital marketing services by offering insights into freelancing, digital skills, and leveraging the global marketplace.

Moreover, businesses are increasingly realizing the pivotal role of digital marketing in growth. Understanding how digital marketing helps businesses to grow is indispensable in today’s competitive landscape. The main motive of the channel is to educate people about all new and old inbound and outbound trends of digital marketing. The main motive of the channel is to educate people about all new and old inbound and outbound trends of digital marketing, and it will also explain how to monetize your YouTube channel.

2. SEMrush Digital Marketing Channels on Youtube

SEMrush is the second-best YouTube channel that is followed as one of the best digital marketing channel on youtube in Pakistan. It has amazing strategies for SEO, digital marketing, and social media services. SEMrush also has its software named as SEMrush.

Next to their software, the SEMrush channel has the top-notched option for how to learn digital marketing YouTube. It has a large number of followers on channels. Right now it has 162K subscribers on channels with millions of views.

3. Moz

Digital Marketing Channels on Youtube

Moz is listed as one of the best digital marketing channel on youtube. It offers a lot of tips and tactics for Digital marketing services. Moz has an official YouTube channel of It has a total of 89.7K subscribers.

Moz allows SEO, Social Media, and Digital Marketing Experts to share their opinion and techniques with the subscribers. This channel has a unique way of presentation as they use the whiteboard and titled “Whiteboard Friday”. It is the best place to learn digital marketing in Pakistan.

4. HubSpot

digital marketing channels on Youtube

HubSpot is one of the top leading YouTube channels with 329k subscribers. It is a big source of SEO and online marketing services. Whoever is lost in digital marketing techniques must watch HubSpot and get a solution.

It also offers a wide range of certification programs in Digital marketing courses. The main purpose of the channel is to educate people about the difference between inbound and outbound digital marketing strategies. 

5. Backlinko

Digital Marketing Channels on Youtube


If you are a digital marketing expert or in a similar field then you must hear about Brian Dean. He is also known as the mastermind behind Backlinko. He has outstanding techniques for SEO, link-building, and digital marketing services. Backlinko is one of the most subscribed digital marketing YouTube channels on youtube in Pakistan.

Brian Dean even wrote an article on 200 of Google’s Ranking Factors. Backlinko has 528K subscribers on YouTube and has a huge fan following. Brian’s videos look so professional and well-designed that attract users to watch and learn the full digital marketing courses. His channel is the best choice if you want to know about digital marketing and how to learn digital marketing on YouTube.

6. Unbounce

Digital Marketing Channels on youtube

Unbounce has a clear and cut niche, its channels cover all the SEO strategies, social media marketing, and digital marketing services. It’s one of the best landing page platforms for websites. The channel has uploaded dozens of videos about conversion rate optimization, landing page, SEO, and social media marketing.

Unbounce is also known as one of the biggest digital marketing Channels on Youtube in Pakistan. It has almost 17.1K subscribers on the YouTube channel. 

It allows experts to come and share their views on the channel and answer questions. Go and listen to the experts about what is digital marketing and what are its services.

7. Neil Patel

digital marketing channels on youtube

If your website is not ranked or has any errors or you want to learn SEO to rank your website. Then we have a marketer that offers the world’s best SEO strategies, digital marketing services, and how to rank on Google. His name is Neil Patel. He owns the title “biggest digital marketing YouTube channels” which offers a lot of tips and tactics.

His channel has dozens of videos with 1.18MK subscribers and millions of views. Neil Patel is also a co-founder of different companies (Hello Bar, Crazy Egg, Kissmetrics). His channel offers complete playlists of SEO Courses and Digital marketing courses. If somebody asks how to learn digital marketing YouTube Neil Patel is the best answer. Neil Patel is also famous in SEO and he provides best guide in search engine optimization techniques.

8. Google Analytics 

digital Marketing Channels on Youtube

How can we complete our list without mentioning Google Analytics? It’s an official channel to share complete Google product details and product tips. Google Analytics teaches us how YouTube is a big source for digital marketing in Pakistan. It’s not just a channel to know the google analytics needs but also helpful in terms of how to do digital marketing.

It has a big number of subscribers. The channels share a lot of expert opinions with over 430K subscribers by sharing dozens of videos. To be aware of each update on Google Analytics you can subscribe to the channel.

9. Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing Channels on Youtube

It is a YouTube channel that covers all digital marketing techniques. They also have a blog in which they share tips and tactics. The way channel experts break down the term digital marketing into pieces and explain in an understandable way that attracts the people to subscribe to the channel.

As the digital sphere continues to expand, even traditional sectors like real estate stand to benefit. Channels elaborating on the benefits of SEO to your real estate company shed light on how search engine optimization can enhance visibility, attract potential buyers, and elevate business prospects. For those seeking entrepreneurial avenues, channels discussing unique business ideas in Pakistan present innovative concepts that tap into the country’s untapped potential.

It has over 63K subscribers on the YouTube channel. They have also following the #AskDM Hashtag where the people ask questions and the host answers their questions via social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). You can also read digital marketing blogs to learn more about digital marketing.

10. Ahrefs 

Digital Marketing channels on Youtube

Ahrefs is the leading platform known for SEO and one of the best digital marketing YouTube channels. They have a channel with over 426K subscribers. The channel is owned by digital marketing expert Sam Oh and also has its own Ahrefs Academy where they offers Digital marketing courses. If you are new to SEO or in Digital Marketing you must watch Ahrefs. It offers the best techniques to rank your website and is known as one of the best digital marketing in Pakistan. Read our Blog on How to Rank Website on Google. Digital Marketing is growing very fast and YouTube has made it too easy to understand the strategies and tactics.

11. Gary Vee

digital Marketing Channels on Youtube

In the world of digital marketing, have you ever heard of the name Gary Vee? Gary Vee is a successful digital marketing channel on YouTube named after Gary Vaynerchuk, a well-known entrepreneur and marketer, Chairman at VaynerX, CEO at VaynerMedia, and the Founder and CEO of VeeFriends.

With his extensive experience in the business world, Gary Vee is a name that many aspiring entrepreneurs look up to get knowledge about digital marketing and SEO strategies. Through this successful YouTube channel, with 1.4 Million subscribers, he’s providing what you might need to get started with your career in digital marketing.

12. AppSumo

digital marketing channels on Youtube

In case you are looking for a reliable platform to become an entrepreneur and learn digital marketing to make your business flourish. AppSumo is here for you. It is the ultimate guide for entrepreneurs and an online platform for buying and selling digital products. AppSumo serves as one of the best YouTube channels for learning marketing. 

You can get to learn top-notch digital marketing, tips, and tricks to match the pace of the world. With a massive following of millions of viewers and an impressive 77.5K subscribers, it’s clear that this channel has what it takes to help you master the world of digital marketing.

13. Entrepreneur

Digital Marketing Channels on Youtube

The Entrepreneur is the leading educational YouTube channel, with millions of followers and 534k subscribers. The Entrepreneur is your cup of tea if you look forward to gaining knowledge about business ideas, SEO, and digital marketing. It is updated regularly with inspiring stories from successful entrepreneurs.

Additionally, they took the initiative of a renowned program titled “Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch,” which provides a platform for aspiring business owners to present their ideas to step up in the game and receive valuable feedback and guidance.

14. Umar Tazkeer

digital marketing channels on youtube

Umer Tazkeer stands out as one of the finest digital marketers in India. His YouTube channel provides the latest digital marketing insights, tips, and tricks. You will find extensive playlists covering affiliate marketing, copywriting, D2C business, WhatsApp marketing, and automation.

Multiple free digital marketing courses are available on the YouTube channel, including YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, Quora Ads, SEO, and Lead Generation. Additionally, you can learn Google Ads in Hindi. The content is delivered in Hindi, facilitating easy understanding and implementing the acquired knowledge into your digital marketing strategies.


15. Digital Marketing Guruji

Digital marketing channels on youtube

Digital Marketing Guruji is a well-known YouTube channel founded by a digital marketing expert, Rahul Meena. On his channel, you can find free tutorials and lectures on how to earn money online from digital marketing. He covers all aspects of a successful marketing strategy, including Google Ads, SEO etc. You can find several playlists on his channel, including how to make a free Android app, money management, free online courses, amazon affiliate market courses, etc.

You will also find an entire playlist on dropshipping. So, if you want to know how to start dropshipping, listen to his playlist. The incredible thing about his channel is that his videos are in Hindi, which is equally understandable in both India and Pakistan.


In conclusion, many digital marketing channels on YouTube are dedicated to providing valuable insights and knowledge for aspiring entrepreneurs and marketers. These YouTube channels for learning business serve as essential resources, offering guidance and inspiration to those looking to excel in the dynamic world of digital marketing. By utilizing these platforms, individuals can get the necessary tools and information to thrive in their business endeavors.

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