How You Can Geofence or Track the Location of Anyone Remotely?

Do you want to track your assets, employees, or loved ones’ lives? Is it hard to keep them safe or control their movements? Conventional methods of monitoring need to be improved to provide you with necessary information about whereabouts.

Think about the stress of not being able to locate your assets or the whereabouts of your employees. With no location tracking and geofencing, you will be exposed to many risks and uncertainties.

Discover a comprehensive solution that helps you track locations and set virtual boundaries effectively. You can easily track movement using GPS-enabled tools and geofences and receive real-time reports if there is any unauthorized entry. 

Uncover the state-of-the-art The Art Functions of Phone Location Tracker

Get insights on the location tracker app functions down below:

track location remotely

Wi-Fi Logging: 

View all the Wi-Fi connections that the device connects to, including timestamps and locations, for more efficient network monitoring.

Efficient Search: 

Do not go through each location one by one. Use the search function to locate where your child has been, making the process easier.

Comprehensive Location History: 

Monitor the current and past location of your child using GPS tracking.

Extra Functionality: 

FamiGuard Pro features extra functions like exporting relevant location information to give you even more control over your child’s activities. Such measures help parents to be proactive in tracking the location of their child.

Geofencing is effective in the case of an emergency or unforeseen circumstances when parents can react quickly to ensure their child does not breach the safety parameters or meet their destination at the expected time.

Uncovering the Way To Make Use of FamiGuard Pro

The following steps will clear out the key concept behind the usage of the FamiGuard Pro app:

Track location remotely

Get Started for Free and Pick Your Plan: 

Register for a free FamiGuard Pro account and choose the plan that works well for you. Consider the different features available to get the features you want.

Follow the Setup Guide: 

It is easy to install and configure the FamiGuard Pro application. Manual or automatic setup is quick and easy. You just need to follow the simple instructions provided in the guide.

Track in Real-time and Establish Geofences:

Navigate to the dashboard and select the Location Tracking option. Easily track your children’s location via GPS. Create geofences to establish their boundaries of operation. They can be at home, school, or a friend’s house, and you will always know where they are and also be notified when they slip out of designated areas.

FamiGuard Pro Pro is the easiest and most effective way to keep an eye on your kids’ online activities and protect them from harmful content.

Listing The Key Features of The FamiGuard Pro

Get Accurate GPS Location

See your child’s exact location on the map with features powered by Google Maps, MapBox and OpenStreetMap. View addresses and coordinates. Navigate directly from the Google Maps-supported map view to the Map app with a single tap for seamless accuracy. 

See your child’s moves with Map thumb view powered by Mapbox and OpenStreetMap.

Set Up Geofences

Quickly set up geo-fences and get notifications if your child leaves the designated location. 

Define zones and activity range radius in meters. Set guard time and geofence name, and create multiple geofences with different times. Get instant notification when your child leaves the defined zone.

Auto-Sync Locations

Remotely track whether the phone’s GPS is turned on or off. Intelligent location notification over the Web. View location histories with dates/times of location changes. Have confidence in Location Tracker with its GPS locations, geofence creation, real-time location sharing, and more!


Curious about how to find someone’s location? 

You have a variety of choices available: GPS tracking devices, location-sharing apps on smartphones, geolocation technologies, and monitoring software. These tools use GPS, Wi-Fi, cellular networks, or IP to identify the device’s location.

How does GPS determine location?

GPS tracking works on satellites orbiting the Earth. These satellites transmit signals to your device, which then uses a GPS receiver to determine the exact location of the device. The GPS calculates the position of the device based on the time difference of the signals received from different satellites.

What location tracking is all about? 

Location tracking entails the use of technology to track and record the geographical position of an individual, vehicle, or commodity. This practice has been used in navigation, logistics, fleet management, personal safety and surveillance. From tracking your location to protecting your valuable possessions, location tracking has numerous functions in the modern connected world.

What is the accuracy level of the GPS Location Tracker?

GPS location tracking is very accurate; it can track locations to within a few meters under normal circumstances. However, GPS accuracy depends on various factors, such as the strength of satellite signals, obstructions such as physical structures or terrain, and the GPS receiver and the software used.

Can You Fake Your GPS Location?

It is possible to spoof your GPS location with various methods. These include GPS spoofing applications, manipulation of location information through software, or physical interventions. However, location spoofing is usually intentional and may require some knowledge or equipment.

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