A Guide To Know About Organic vs Inorganic Marketing

A Guide To Know About Organic vs Inorganic Marketing

Every business is shifting towards digital marketing as it ensures to bring more revenue. With time, almost every business has its own social media presence. But, because of the ongoing fierce competition, marketing has adopted many ways to reach a wider audience. According to a study conducted by Crowdtap, almost 63% of people nowadays make a purchase online through different social media platforms. With a plethora of activities, many companies have started doing various tricks to promote their product and services. Digital Marketing has now different algorithms and features that are used widely for B2B and B2C. Digital marketing is classified into two types, Organic Marketing and Inorganic Marketing. 

Did you know that global digital advertising was estimated at $350 billion in 2020 which is now projected to reach $786.2 billion by 2026. In this blog, we will discuss in detail what is organic marketing and inorganic marketing.


Organic marketing is the type of marketing where you don’t pay for advertising your product on social media platforms. As the name suggests, you will get engagement and leads organically. Without paying anything for the advertisement, you will make engaging content to grab the attention of your audience. Many users nowadays prefer to connect with organic content, as it gains trust very easily. According to a study concluded by Conductor, in-house organic efforts drove 12% of more traffic to websites than the fully-outsourced marketing.

Why Choose Organic Marketing

One of the best reasons to go for organic marketing is that it is budget-friendly. If you are a startup, you could invest in other resources like a good designer that could make creative designs for you to reach your target audience. Another reason why organic marketing is suitable is that, with sponsored ads, you might get users that may not associate with your business. But with organic marketing, you will attract an audience who genuinely likes to be with your brand. The content of organic marketing is more focused on providing information, and entertaining the audience which allows the brand to connect with different audiences without the pressure of selling.

Organic Marketing Strategies

To get started with organic marketing, here are some strategies you can follow to upscale your digital marketing game.

  • Make sure you are creating interactive content that gets you likes, engagement, and potential customers.
  • You can make posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, and Tiktok to increase your sales.
  • Try to include SEO in your content to enhance the chances of your visibility to your target audience.
  • Start writing blogs that could be read by your audience. 
  • Develop email newsletters.
  • Be consistent with your workflow and make sure you are generating content for all your platforms. 
  • Using hashtags is the freest way to grab your audience. Implement using as many hashtags as you can to reach your target audience.

Inorganic Marketing

Inorganic marketing is the kind of marketing where you use money to advertise your services. It includes paid search ads, google ads, social media ads, and many more. Your target audience would be scrolling on their timeline randomly and then they will come across your service because of the ads. Every digital media platform has its own ad criteria and you need to pay accordingly to reach your goals. Every platform has different types of social media ads, which allows you a great opportunity to maximize your sales with a strong digital media presence. While organic marketing lets you focus on creating brand awareness, inorganic marketing lets you convert users to leads. According to tech jury, ads can increase brand awareness by 80%.

Why Choose Inorganic Marketing

If you need to reach a certain goal in a short amount of time, then you should start paid marketing. Paid marketing makes sure to get you the desired result that you want, by letting your services reach your target audience. Another ideal reason to use paid marketing is that it lets you reach a specific audience, if you want to reach males, you can add the details into your campaign setting and you will find the males. You can measure the success of your paid marketing through different tools/features such as conversion rates, impressions, KPIs, etc. This is the best reason as you will get to see the results through verified sources and tools. 

Inorganic Marketing Strategies

  • First and foremost, understand who your audience is, so you reach your audience without messing up. Determine which platform is used by your audience to select the medium of your paid marketing.
  • Determine at the start, what is your objective so you set your goals accordingly while you are setting up your marketing campaign.
  • Influencer marketing, pay per click advertising are those techniques that are very trendy these days that could desire results.

In conclusion, both marketing types have their own benefits. If you are looking for creating unique brand awareness then you could for organic marketing but if you want to generate some results at a specific time with a specific audience then you can for paid marketing.

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