Adieu, Ramadan


Adieu, Ramadan

I don’t want to be the one saying this but ‘pata bhi nahi chala aur Ramzan khatam honay wala hai’ (translation: uhhh it’s ending already?) makes so much sense this time around. Let’s put ourselves in the mindset of two main walks of life. Starting with the students, the victim to an unprecedented amount of uncertainty. 

A couple of years back, Ramadan usually started around June, which for most students was the month of summer break; but for some unfortunate ones (like me) it was the month of examinations.

There was order in the world.

Life was scheduled to the last minute. Everything was certain, in a manner that – despite the many prayers of the students – exams still took place on the set date in the chosen locations. 

And then BAM

Just like that, the world was in a state of chaos and confusion because they now had to deal with the unknown – the scary, spiky devil: CORONAVIRUS. All of a sudden, people were buying more food than they could store and fighting the notoriously famous toilet paper wars. 

For students, it meant online classes and exams, assignments, the uncertainty of how the exams would be held – or more like, WHERE they would be held – and traumatically bad mental health. For a few months now, including the holy month of Ramadan, students have stressed over all of the above and then some: including the undecided exam schedules and locations and fighting Twitter wars to put their anxieties and this matter to rest. 

Then there were the people who had graduated and had the fortune of holding a steady-income job: the employees. This is dedicated to all the groggy mornings, the staring-in-the-space-because-what-is-life-at-3AM-anyway, the futile efforts made to pray more than usual, pretending to fast when they are not, cramming the world’s work in the newly set Ramadan timing – I could go on forever. 

We hope that you had a Ramadan that helped you grow closer to Allah and that your supplications were accepted. May we all take the newly-learned good habits forward in life. 

A special shout out to all the patients of the virus and their families; to all fathers and sons who helped around the house and hit the stores for groceries; and also to all the mothers and daughters who made sure there was a delicious range of food to display every suhoor and iftar. You’re all appreciated!

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