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Last night, a little birdie (read: more-of-a-friend-than-colleague colleague) told me – quite excitedly, I must add –  that Pantone had finally revealed the colors for the upcoming year. (A quick side note, she is a designer, so her excitement is well-placed). That’s right, colors with an ‘s.’ This is the second time in the last 22 years that Pantone has assigned two colors to the year.


Funny you asked, actually; the reason is quite obvious, they just want to use the color forecast of 2021 to make the coming year a little better. Considering that the year 2020 was assigned the color ‘Classic Blue’ and the year turned out to be anything but good, there are a general understanding and effort to make 2021 better. Cutting to the chase, the colors in question are Pantone 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and Pantone 13-0647 Illuminating, and if I’m honest with you, I don’t like them. 

If my friend is reading this, please let me complete making my point before you go on a rage-run to hunt me down in the dark streets of Gotham – wait, you’re not Batman… annnnnd I’m only getting sidetracked, so I’ll come back to what I want to say: the colors! Yes, so, apparently Pantone has decided that the world needs the stability of the gray and the sunniness of the yellow to reiterate hope. It makes sense since this year has shaken us all to the core, and we’re now living a life that could best be described as upside-down. 

The combination of gray and yellow was chosen to inspire regeneration, as it opens us to accept the change and move forward with a new way of life, thinking, and concepts. Gray also portrays practical, resilience and encapsulates deeper feelings of thoughtfulness; while yellow portrays hope, aspirations, warm and energy. 
How will real estate in Pakistan implement this color trend? That, I’d like to see. I’m picturing gray structures and yellow details in buildings. If it’s a house, I can easily imagine Pantone 2021 home trend to include a yellow-tiled roof. But the question is, will Batman want to live there?

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