What Is Interactive Content & Why Is It Beneficial?

What Is Interactive Content & Why Is It Beneficial?

Interactive content is the type of content that engages the audience to your content. It requires your targetted audience to interact with the content that you are producing. It requires ongoing participation from your audience and from you. Interactive content generates more engagement than passive content marketing. Interactive content is the most preferred type of content among 45% of the B2B customers. Whereas 51% of the B2B clients believe that the interactive content is very supportive in managing the complex business challenges. In this blog, we will discuss what are the types of interactive content and why is it beneficial nowadays. 

Benefits of Interactive Content

One of the best benefits of interactive content you may get is engagement in your posts. In any content, engagement is the key where your content makes an emotional impact on your targetted audience. Emotions like desire, happiness, and excitement are important where the customers directly connect with your brand, which naturally leads you to your potential buyer.

Another great benefit of interactive content is you will get accurate feedback from your current and loyal customers or users. Passive content doesn’t really show you the feedback whereas when it comes to the interactive content,  you will be able to collect data, you can determine views, and clicks on your every interactive content.

Different Types of Interactive Content

Interactive Puzzles/Quizzes

One of the most preferred and common types of interactive content used by many marketing agencies is interactive puzzles or quizzes. The purpose of these interactive puzzles or quizzes is to not only give entertainment to the audience but also provide knowledge to them in a light manner. Many quizzes have been out there famous & loved by the audience from all over the world such as Buzzfeed, where different fandoms have created their own quizzes as well to bring the community with their quizzes. Many quizzes have been viral because of their uniqueness. 

Interactive Surveys & Polls

Another hack to bring more engagement with your audience is to do polls and surveys. It is another most commonly used interactive content used where you give two or more than two options to get some feedback from the customer or can know the audience’s insights about their interests as well.

Visually Appealing Infographics

Every business needs an infographic, to showcase its information with a visual appeal. Infographics receive 3X more likes on social media in comparison to the other type of content. Make sure you stand out with your infographic by making it engaging. Add all the information through bullets, statistics, and interactive buttons. There are many examples out there, where the audience clicks on the infographic, and more information is then revealed. 

Interactive Videos

Many types of research have proved that interactive videos have generated more sales with great customer retention. Interactive videos have clickable areas that perform different actions. Such types of videos let the audience control the content of the video by getting tools like click, drag, hover, scroll, etc. Examples of such videos include videos like 360- degree view videos, and quizzes through videos. You can also make it more engaging by inviting people to interact with the content such as Youtube allows you to add interaction buttons that directly lead the audience to another video they might be interested in.

White Paper

A white paper represents as a guide that informs the readers about a very difficult issue in a manner that is easily understood. The white papers should be made in an interactive way to make the guiding material more understandable.

Interactive Emails

Email marketing is one of the expert ways of engaging your customers with your brand and making your emails with interactive content will give you more benefits. Try to make your emails interactive by adding quizzes, and assessments embedded in an email so your targeted audience can directly interact with it.

In conclusion, there are a lot of differences between static content and interactive content as interactive content is known to bring more great results for you.

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