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The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the oldest digital communication methods to promote your products or services. For the first time, an email was sent in 1978 for marketing purposes, and in return, made about $13 million in sales.

Thus, this makes one of the most approvingly utilized marketing techniques till now. It’s not an effective marketing technique like SMS, influencer, and social media marketing, but it’s a sort of marketing with its audience that gets results. But email marketing still has that supreme dominion when it is utilized.

To make email marketing uncomplicated to understand, we have composed this email marketing guide for our readers. In which we will discuss what is email marketing? And what are the types of email marketing? 

So, before taking more of your time, let’s begin!

Table of Content:

  1. What is email marketing?
  2. How to do email marketing?
  3. What are the types of email marketing?
  4. Email Testing Tools
  5. Why email marketing is important?
  6. What are the Benefits of Email marketing?

1. What is email marketing?

It’s a kind of digital marketing used to communicate with potential clients. It helps in generating leads and customers with email. Some of the most common email messages include newsletters, promotional campaigns, and event announcements.

Email marketing has a significantly higher ROI to bring potential clients rather than many other marketing channels (like social media). If somebody is confused about why it is the most effective method of communicating with your audience?

Then let us tell you a fact, email marketing allows you to direct a line to your audience. There are many digital marketing companies are providing email marketing services.

Now, you must be thinking, what are the email marketing tools? And is still EM – Email Marketing is considered beneficial as in the past?

Several email marketing tools are available on the internet. Some of the sufficient and most used email marketing tools are written below:

Email Marketing Guide

Email marketing tools:

  • Email Octopus
  • Sender
  • Omni send
  • Send Pulse
  • Mail chimp
  • Mail jet
  • Mailer Lite
  • Moo send
  • EM Client

2. How to do Email Marketing?

Yet you haven’t started using the email marketing ideas? There is no better time to jump in. Since 1998 email marketing has changed a lot. But there is no such change in its effectiveness. In fact, it becomes more effective and sufficient with time.

There are a few steps to follow to do email marketing.

  • Choose one of the best email marketing tools.
  • Collect contacts for your email marketing checklist
  • Sync your connections into the email marketing account.
  • Set up your welcome email
  • Build one of the most practical email marketing templates
  • Rehearse composing compelling messages
  • Create professional subject lines
  • Preview email and test before sending
  • Choose the best time to send your email
  • Track your outcomes

Choose one of the best email marketing tools

Email Marketing tools

Choosing one of the top email marketing tools or services providers is the first step to your successful email marketing.

Working with a sufficient provider is the only way your business can leverage email marketing automation to send emails to large groups of contacts or subscribers.

Collect contacts for your email marketing checklist

Every business has some existing contacts on its checklist. Use them! Don’t let them waste as garbage. Use your contacts and think of the references.

Sync your connections into the email marketing account

After having an email marketing account, gather your contacts and add them to your email marketing account. You can start doing this by uploading the contact list from an existing spreadsheet or can import contacts directly from a Gmail or Outlook account.

Set up your welcome email

Before doing anything, the majority of us get prepared. Same as performing email marketing, do set up a welcome email. It will be the first message every new email subscribers obtain from you. So, it should look professional.

Build one of the most practical email marketing templates

While talking about email marketing templates, it’s essential to know this is the most fun part of this email marketing guide. It is not needed to be a professional designer to set up an email marketing template. Even an untrained person can beautify the template. While designing, all you need to do is look for a clean and eye-catching layout. 

Rehearse composing compelling messages

Composing compelling messages is one of the scariest actions for business owners. The reason is, the majority of people consider it bargaining or sometimes overrated marketing language. The below-mentioned three steps for writing a compelling message can make your email marketing better. Have a look!

  1. Describe what you are offering? (The Headline)
  2. Tell how it’ll help the reader? (The Message body)
  3. Describe what they should do next? — (The Call to action)

Create professional subject lines

The subject line is a thing that appears on top of the email because your subscribers see your subject line even before they open your email. Try to write something catchy that blows your reader’s mind and pushes him to open and read your email.

Preview email and test before sending

After all the above things, have a look at your email. How does it look? Check the spelling mistakes, sentence structure, links, attachments, etc. It will let you find if you have missed any noteworthy line, URL, or announcement.

Choose the best time to send your email

In every marketing prospect, it is essential to know which time is most suitable to notify regarding your company/brand.

Track your outcomes

After performing all the actions, do not forget to track and report how it was? Or was it beneficial or not? It is not one send process, and your work is over. You have to track your open rate, click-through rate – CTR, unsubscribe rates, subscribers, etc.

3. What are the Types of Email Marketing?

If you are newly starting with email marketing, you must know the first thing is the welcome, then after that other things come. Same as that, there are several types of email marketing.

Below we have mentioned those types. Have a look!

  • Welcome Email
  • Email Newsletters
  • Dedicated Emails
  • Lead Nurturing Emails
  • Sponsorship Emails
  • Transactional Emails
  • Re-Engagement Emails
  • Brand Story Emails
  • Video Emails
  • Review Request Emails

4. Email Testing Tools

1. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is an all-in-one marketing medium trusted by over 300,000 companies globally for engaging with contacts and creating more profitable client relationships via targeted and significant communication.

This all-in-one solution for marketing automation, SMS marketing, email marketing, Facebook Ads, chat, CRM, and mailing transactional messages through email and SMS will cover your whole marketing funnel.

The true strength of Sendinblue stems from its adaptable and versatile marketing automation platform. The Sendinblue Tracker script allows you to track your contacts’ web behaviour and utilize this data, email engagement, and details from your contact to create complex automation workflows that can preserve your time and permit you to expand your corporation with no work at all.

The Sendinblue pricing is based on the number of email messages sent rather than the number of connections in your budget. Sendinblue delivers free reports that let you mail up to 300 emails daily (9,000 emails per month) free of cost.

2. Mail-Tester

Mail-Tester is one of the free email testing tools available. This tool is an excellent choice if you want to see your emails as spammy. You are given a specific address to send your emails to test them.

When you send emails to that address, Mail-Tester will scan them to see if they are spam. It looks at your message, mail server, and sending IP address. You’ll receive a report outlining what’s correctly configured and where you need to make changes. It’s a free and simple tool for getting your emails into users’ inboxes rather than their spam or junk folders.

3. Litmus

Litmus is the industry’s leading email personalization, optimization, and collaboration software to help marketers get the most out of their email marketing. From pre-send campaign development, testing, and AI-driven content recommendations via Litmus Personalize, powered by Kickdynamic, to post-send insights for future content optimization, Litmus Personalize is the place to be.

Litmus’ solution suite improves marketing performance and increases customer engagement. Marketers can effectively drive conversions and revenue by efficiently building, testing, and collaborating on large volumes of emails while also creating highly personalized email experiences at scale.

4. MailerLite

MailerLite, a fast and scalable email marketing platform, it can help you grow your business. Create responsive newsletters, landing pages, and websites with ready-made templates and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor.

In addition, the iOS app allows you to manage campaigns on the go. Then, you can attract subscribers and nurture relationships by using advanced features such as pop-ups, embedded surveys, Facebook custom audiences, and auto-resend campaigns.

You can maintain your audience engaged by mailing personalized and timely email content using segmentation, welfare groups, and multi-trigger automation workflows.

Zapier allows you to connect workflows, sell digital products and newsletter subscriptions with Stripe, sync data with WooCommerce and Shopify, and more.

Finally, use detailed reporting to analyze campaign performance and optimize using A/B testing. Try MailerLite with a Forever Free account today! Take advantage of our award-winning 24-hour customer service.

5. Why Email Marketing is Important?

You must be wondering why it is an important marketing technique.

Let us tell you it allows you to build up long-lasting, loyal, and trustworthy relationships with your customers. It’s a way to communicate with your clients directly in their inbox.

Using suitable templates and techniques for email marketing can become one of the most impactful marketing strategies. 

6. What are the Benefits of Email Marketing?

While talking about the benefits of email marketing, the list is significant. It is used by millions of businesses of all sizes across the globe. The reason for this massive use is the core benefits. We have listed down some of them.

  • Low in costs
  • Reaches active audience
  • Deliver targeted transmissions
  •  Generate revenue
  • Easy to start
  • Easy to estimate
  • Easy to communicate
  • Contact global audience
  • Leaves impact
  • Fast return on investment

Summing Up:

Email marketing persists to be the most influential marketing medium available to every business. Maybe it’s time for your company to begin making email marketing on a priority basis. Above, we have mentioned the essential things to know about email marketing.

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