How to Use Hashtags for Every Social Media Network

How to Use Hashtags for Every Social Media Network

With the ongoing solid competition in digital media, it is very hard to reach your audience now. This is why marketers are now adapting every marketing tip and trick to bring their brand to the top. Hashtags are known as a great mechanism that brings brand engagement, views, customers, and recognition.
In the beginning, Hashtags were only used on Twitter but as time passed and evolved, now many businesses use them on every platform such as TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. In this blog, we will overview some benefits of using hashtags and ways to use hashtags for every social media platform.

Get To Know A Hashtag

Do you know the first ever hashtag that was used was #barcamp? Christopher Reaves is an American blogger who invented the Hashtag by suggesting to use the pound symbol on the keyboard to represent a group of similar tweets, which later was called the “Hashtag.” Hashtags are used to connect people or any social content of the same interest, event, theme, or any sort of topic, all under one umbrella. You need to make sure if you want to start a hashtag then you don’t need to put spaces, punctuation, or any symbols, it has to be just the words. Another important tip for you is to make sure your account is public or the reach will be limited to your followers.

The Importance Of Using A Hashtag

If you are starting a new business, you can generate your hashtag to start the promotion of your business. Hashtags are a great way to gather the same type of audience under one roof. Many hashtags are a great source of information as a new hashtag is generated whenever there is a new topic trending. Here are we going to present you some benefits of using hashtags in your marketing campaigns.

  • It ensures to bring more engagement with your brand. Your post will be more visible if you use a hashtag that is already going viral on social media. Using a hashtag will lead you to boost your social media presence through shares, replies, likes, and new followers or subscribers. According to a study by The Small Business Blog, Hashtags can increase your engagement by 100% on Twitter.

  • The use of brand hashtags lets you create your brand awareness, a unique touch that gets you to relate to your followers. Some hashtags may become revolutionary and gain much more attention than you expect. For example, some hashtags like #icebuckchallenge or #blacklivesmatter were used more than 6 million and 12 million times respectively.

  • It also helps your target audience to find you by searching the relevant keywords that also relate to your brand. It helps new users to connect with you.

Kinds of Hashtags

To get familiar with Hashtags, we will present you with some kinds of hashtags that can upscale your marketing strategy.

Celebration Hashtags

National or International days that are celebrated fall under this category. Many businesses use these to offer discounts or special offers on such important days.

Branded Hashtags

These hashtags are related to your brand, that may contain the name of your brand or your services.

Industry Hashtags

These are the representation of the type of your profession.

Event Hashtags

This is specific to the type of event that is going on. Mostly it is used by the organizers or the attendees of the event.

Location Hashtags

These are about the location which makes it very easy for users to find your business in a certain area.

Hashtag Influencing The Marketing On Different Social Media Networks

Every social media platform has its algorithm, which is why it’s important to use hashtags so your interactive content gets to your targeted audience. Now we will discuss the use of hashtags on every platform.

Using Hashtags On Twitter

It is highly important to use hashtags on Twitter as it increases engagement by 100% if you have a personal account and it increases engagement by 50% if you own a brand. But you need to know to not bombard your post with too many hashtags at once. With the character limit on Twitter, you should use only specific hashtags. More than two or three hashtags might drop your engagement level to 17% according to Digital Marketing Institute. Also, make sure you research before using any hashtags on Twitter.

Using Hashtags On Instagram

On Instagram, you can use more than 4 to 5 hashtags to drive more reach, Instagram sales and engagement. According to Digital Marketing Institute, if you only use a hashtag on a post then you will get 29% more interactions whereas if you use more than 11 hashtags on a post then you are most likely to get 70% more interactions on your own post. You can use as many as you want but they should be popular or relevant. You can do your own research on the search box to see what your competitors are using so you can have a better idea of which hashtag might also work for you. Instagram also offers a great feature that let you measure the reach of your post by using a hashtag. If you want to look at the hashtag analytics then you need to click on the “View Insights” button from the bottom of your posts to track how much benefit your hashtag is bringing you. Some marketers put hashtags under the comment section. 87% of the users prefer to put the hashtags in the caption while the rest 12% like to add hashtags in the comment section.

Using Hashtags On LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, it allows users to discover any sort of hashtag through the search bar. The autocomplete functionality is an incredible feature by LinkedIn that lets you generate more LinkedIn hashtags that could be related to your keyword and you can choose from them. Many marketers believe that just one to three hashtags should be used for LinkedIn. If you have very few connections on LinkedIn, yet with the use of hashtags you can reach a higher audience and it would bring you more audience than before. Many popular hashtags were followed by the users in 2022 on LinkedIn which includes, Innovation – 38.8 Million, Management – 36 Million – Human Resources – 33.2 Million, and so on!

Using Hashtags On Facebook

Facebook has a unique URL system for hashtags, so more and more people create a specific hashtag for a specific topic which is why it is recommended to not make everything a hashtag. Many marketers recommend using very few relevant hashtags for every post and it should not exceed more than 5 but some say it’s better to use as many hashtags. If you use too many then you may look spammy and annoying to your audience. Maximum facebook sales can be generated if you use the perfect keywords as your hashtags.

In conclusion, if you learn how to properly use hashtags for your brands then you might be able to bring maximum sales and engagement.

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