Tips To Boost Instagram Sales

Tips To Boost Instagram Sales

Instagram is known as the most used social media platform by diverse audiences. It is said to be the most effective marketing channel. To gain visibility and engagement, this photo & video sharing platform can bring a lot of conversations and opportunities for you to expand your business to a wider audience.

According to studies, almost 90% of the users on Instagram are following at least one brand. 83% of Instagram users find new brands through the app. If you learn to sell your service or product on Instagram, then you can reach your target market and you can drive sales. In this blog, we will give you some tips on how you can boost your Instagram sales.

Instagram Ads
It’s very smart to invest in Instagram advertising that can help you reach your targeted audience. Every other Instagram product has invested in the advertising in a way that they have successfully reached their customers. You can now easily put links to your website in the Instagram posts to take your potential customer directly to the website.

Use Instagram Stories Effectively
Every other user on this app is an active user of using the feature of the Instagram story. There are many creative ways to portray your product through a story and boost your Instagram sales. You can engage with your audience on a personal basis through the stories. Offer special offers, showcase your new items, and put your website in the stories. Adding links to the stories can help you effectively in increasing your overall sales, and it can also drive traffic.

Your Products In Action
As most of us know that Instagram is everyone’s go-to place to share photos but nowadays it’s better to post not just pictures but videos too. You need to show some impact of your products with a video that can showcase your product useful to all your potential customers. Tell a story about where you can use your product or service, for example, if your product is shampoo, then you can post tips about hair or hair problems that can be solved only by your product. Moreover, if you have a brand of accessories, then you can show different people wearing your accessories in different contexts to add more value to your product.

Partner With An Influencer
Instagram is a platform full of famous influencers where your brand can also get an advantage through them. 80% of marketers say that influencer marketing is effective. Many customers trust the influencers that they follow and follow the influencer’s advice when it comes to buying products. It’s very common now for brands to use influencers, collaborations, and sponsorships for promoting their products. If you want to boost your sales then try an influencer marketing strategy where you can get high traffic & conversions for your brand. According to a study conducted by Nielsen, consumers nowadays trust personal recommendations more than traditional marketing.

Use Hashtags
Master the art of using the accurate hashtag as it can get you unparalleled results. Many times, some brands use unrelated hashtags that can make your post spammy and may take away some credibility. So, it’s important to use the right hashtags for your brand that is only relevant to your business. It will enhance the chances of your targeted audience to find out about your product, so carefully choose your hashtags.

In conclusion, you need to come out of the box to be creative and try every other way to know what works for you in boosting sales. With more than 600 million users on Instagram, it is providing exceptional results for the brands.

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