Telenor Internet Packages: Daily,Weekly And Monthly In 2024

Telenor Internet Packages

Internet! The basic necessity of this digital era! A seamless internet connection is not a luxury these days; it’s a lifeline. Because, what irritates you more when you watch your favorite season on Netflix or play your favorite songs on YouTube or SoundCloud? Well, we know it’s the BUFFERING….  To avoid this situation, we tend to subscribe to different internet packages. Some subscribe to Zong internet Packages, while some resort to Telenor internet Packages.

Telenor has been the fastest-growing network in Pakistan since its establishment in 2005. Telenor packages are offered at highly competitive prices. As of January 2024, Telenor Pakistan boasts a subscriber base of 44 million, with 23 million enjoying 4G/LTE services. With a market share of 23%, Telenor proudly stands as Pakistan’s third-largest mobile phone network. Telenor is dominating Pakistan’s telecommunications industry! It has a separate Telenor Business Suite to cater to all your business needs. If you are more into start-ups and exploring business ideas, this suite might be of help.

In this blog, we will share the latest Telenor internet Packages with you. So, let’s get started.

What are Telenor Internet Packages?

Telenor Internet Packages offer prepaid and postpaid customers various subscription-based bundles providing internet data of different sizes and validity periods, which can be used on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. You must have PTA-approved mobile phones. If you don’t know about the approved status of your mobile phone, you can check it online. For details, read this guide on how to check PTA-approved mobiles.

Telenor offers amazing postpaid and prepaid packages, providing flexibility and convenience to its users. Let’s discuss.

Telenor Prepaid Internet Packages

Telenor Internet packages offer flexibility and convenience for its prepaid consumers. Here are the daily, weekly, and monthly prepaid internet packages.

Telenor Daily Internet Packages

Telenor has a wide range of daily packages for its prepaid customers.


Raat Din offer Rs. 18 incl. tax 1.5 GB 1 Day (12AM – 12PM)
Telenor Good Time Offer Rs. 6 incl. tax unlimited free on-net minutes, and 250 MBs of data for Facebook 2 hours
Telenor Daily YouTube Package Rs. 8 500 MBs of YouTube 1 Day till midnight
Telenor Daily 4G package Rs. 15 250 MBs of data 1 Day
Daily Social Pack Rs. 3 plus tax 70 MBs of data for FB & WhatsApp 1 Day
Telenor Daily Offpeak Offer Rs. 15 1500 MB 1 Day (6AM – 6PM)


Telenor 3-Day Internet Packages

Telenor offers a three-day net package as well.


4G 3 Day Bundle      44 1000MB (incl. 500MB 12AM – 8AM) 3 days


Telenor Weekly Internet Packages

Telenor weekly data packages for prepaid customers are also an option. Here are the available option.

Telenor Weekly Zoom Package Rs. 80 incl. tax 3000 MBs for Zoom 7 days
4G Weekly Internet Max Rs. 55 incl. tax 30 GBs of data 7 Days (12 AM – 9 AM)
Weekly 6 to 6 Package Rs. 60 incl. tax 5000 MBs 7 Days (6 AM – 6 PM)
4G weekly Super Rs. 120 incl. tax 4000MB (incl. 2000MB 1AM to 11AM) 7 days
4G Weekly Ultra Rs. 200 incl. tax. 8GB + 100 on-net mins 7 days
4G Weekly Ultra Plus Rs. 240 incl. tax 20 GBs (10 GBs 1am – 9am) 7 Days
Weekly video Package Rs. 101 incl. tax 5000 MBs for YouTube, TikTok, & Snack Video 7 Days (Till Midnight)
Weekly Sports Package Rs. 30 incl. tax 1500 MBs for CricWick & CricinGif 7 Days
Weekly Music Package Rs. 10 incl. tax 1000 MBs for Soundcloud & Patari 7 Days


Telenor Monthly Internet Packages

With Telenor monthly packages, you can browse conveniently throughout the month. Like Jazz Internet packages, which provide seamless connectivity, Telenor monthly packages provide convenience similar to Jazz Internet packages. Here are monthly packages for you.

Monthly Snapchat package Rs. 5 2000 MBs Snapchat 30 days
4G Monthly Super Rs. 350 incl. tax 12000MB (incl. 6000MB 1AM-11AM) 30 Days
4G Monthly Super Plus Rs. 600 incl. tax 36 GBs (18 GBs 1AM – 9 AM), On-net mins: 500, 100 off-net mins 30 Days
Mega Monthly Offer Rs. 180 incl. tax 100 GBs (12am – 12pm) 30 Days
Monthly Extreme Offer Rs. 950 incl. tax 50 GB (including 25 GB from 1AM – 9AM), 7500 on-net mins 30 Days
Monthly Extreme Plus 1080 incl. tax 80 GB internet (40 GB 1 AM – 9 AM), on-net 10,000, off-net 600 mins 30 Days
Monthly Team Play Offer Rs. 173 incl. tax 15000 MBs for FB & WhatsApp 30 Days
4G Monthly Starter Bundle Rs. 370 incl. tax 8 GB (incl. 4 GB 1AM – 7AM) 30 Days

Telenor Social Package 2024

Telenor offers Daily, Weekly, and monthly internet Packages. These packages are handy for social media managers constantly posting and dealing with the community. Several social media agencies encourage their social media handlers to subscribe to packet data for uninterrupted activity on social media.


Package Name Price (PKR) Internet Allowance Validity
Monthly Snapchat 5 2000 MB Snapchat 30 Days
Monthly Social Extreme 130 incl. 8,000 MB (Facebook &
tax WhatsApp)
Monthly Social 80 2500 MB (Facebook & 30 Days
Pack Whatsapp)
Monthly Social Pack 85 incl. 3,000 MB (Facebook &
Plus tax WhatsApp) + 1000 SMS
Monthly Social Ultra 104 incl. 4,000 MB (Facebook &
tax WhatsApp) + 1000 SMS
Weekly Social Pack 113 5000 MB (Facebook & 7 Days
Weekly EasyCard Mega 235 incl. 8000 MB (Incl. 4000MB
tax 1AM – 11AM) + 2000 Telenor
+ PTCL minutes


Moreover, Telenor offers internet packages for gamers, especially PUBG lovers. To benefit from Telenor internet packages, you need to insert SIM. SIM Cards can only be used on PTA-approved mobiles. If you are about to get your phone approved, you must pay PTA tax. You can visit the PTA website and calculate your tax using the PTA Tax Calculator.


Package Name Price (PKR) Internet Allowance Validity
PUBGM Monthly Offer 60 2GB PUBGM + 100MBs 30 Days

 4G Telenor Internet Packages

Telenor offers 4G internet packages. These packages will help you in browsing heavy websites like BISP. For example, you can check your BISP registration status or fill out your form anywhere, anytime, without worrying about losing your internet connection. Here are the internet packages.

Package Name Price (PKR) Internet Validity Subscribe
4G 3 Month Bundle 4000 108 GB (36 GB/30 days) 90 Days *345*1002#
4G Monthly Lite 1500 30 GB + 30 GB Free (1AM to 7AM) 30 Days *345*1001#
4G Monthly Smart 2500 75 GB + 75 GB Free (1AM to 7AM) 30 Days *345*1002#
4G Monthly Unlimited 6000 275 GB 30 Days *345*1004#
4G Monthly Value 3800 150 GB (Limited Time Offer) 30 Days *345*1003#


Telenor Postpaid Internet Packages

Telenor offers amazing internet packages for its postpaid customers. Telenor Postpaid packages are ideal for those with excessive network use for their business activities and keeping a check on their passive income streams. By the way, you can also generate steady revenue by exploring different passive income ideas.

Here are Telenor internet packages for postpaid users.

Telenor Postpaid Internet Packages Price (Incl. Tax) Internet Validity Dial
Data Bolts 300 Rs. 350 3000MBs + 1000MBs (12AM-12PM) 30 Days *345*38#
Data Bolts 450 Rs. 520 5000MBs + 1500MBs (12AM – 12PM) 30 Days *345*37#
Data Bolts 700 Rs. 800 8000MBs + 2000MBs (12AM – 12PM) 30 Days *345*36#
Data Bolts 1000 Rs. 1140 15,000MBs + 3000MBs (12AM – 12PM) 30 Days *345*35#
Data Bolts 1500 Rs. 1700 25,000MBs + 5000MBs (12AM – 12PM) 30 Days *345*34#
Weekly Sports Package Rs. 20 2000MB for Crickwick 7 Days *345*196#
5 GB YouTube Add-On Bundle Rs. 254 5 GB 30 Days *345*78#
10 GB YouTube Add-On Bundle Rs. 508 10 GB 30 Days *345*72#
Data Add-On Bundle Rs. 508 15,000 MB (6AM – 6PM) 30 Days *345*899#
Mega Data Bundle Rs. 1499 3,000 MBs 30 *759#



How can I subscribe to Telenor Internet Packages?

To subscribe to Telenor Internet Packages, you must follow one of these three methods:

  • dial *444# from your Telenor SIM
  • visit the Telenor website
  • download the My Telenor app on your smartphone.

What types of Telenor Internet Packages are available?

Telenor offers a range of internet packages with daily, weekly, monthly, and 3-month options, so you can select the package that suits your budget and internet usage needs.

How to get free internet on Telenor?

You can receive free calls and internet for 60 days by reactivating your Telenor SIM. To be eligible for this offer, you can dial *2222#, call 2222 (charges: 1 paisa), or SMS “FREE” to 2222 (charges: 1 paisa). The free bonus will be posted on the same day.

You can also get Telenor free MBS in the Telenor app. All you have to do is open the “Play & Win” section, answer multiple-choice questions, and win 150 MBs for free.

How can I check the remaining data of my Telenor Internet Package?

To check the remaining data of your Telenor Internet Package, dial *999# from your Telenor SIM or visit the Telenor website or app. Once you do this, you will receive a message that contains all the necessary information about your remaining data, validity period, and other details.

Can I use Telenor Internet Packages while roaming?

While roaming, Telenor Internet Packages can be used, but additional charges may apply depending on the roaming destination and package type. Check the roaming charges before using Telenor net Packages.

What happens if I exhaust the data limit of my Telenor Internet Package before the validity period ends?

If you exceed your Telenor Internet Package data limit before the validity date, you will be charged a standard PKR 1 per MB rate.

How can I get unlimited internet on Telenor?

Telenor does not offer unlimited internet packages, but it does offer packages with high data limits. You can subscribe to Telenor Monthly Ultimate Internet Package, which offers high-speed data with a limit of 200 GBs. This package stands out because it includes the life insurance of EFU, which is ranked among the top 10 insurance companies in Pakistan.


Let’s Wrap it Up

Telenor Internet Packages offer seamless connectivity and convenience to its users. You can subscribe to daily, weekly, and monthly internet packages as per your choice. Moreover, you can also win free MBs and bonuses by using the My Telenor app.


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