Jazz Internet Packages [Updated] Daily, Weekly and Monthly in 2024

Jazz Internet Packages

A reliable and affordable internet connection is essential in today’s digital age. Whether you need to stay connected with friends and family, browse the web, or stream your favorite content, Jazz one of Pakistan’s leading telecom providers, offers a range of internet packages to meet your needs.

Let’s explore the various Jazz internet packages available for different durations and usage requirements.

Importance of Internet Packages

Jazz Internet Packages

Internet packages have become a necessity in our daily lives. They allow us to access information, communicate with others, and enjoy online entertainment. With Jazz Internet pkg, you can experience uninterrupted browsing, video streaming, social media engagement, and much more.

Jazz Internet Packages

Jazz Internet Packages

Jazz, one of the leading telecommunications companies in Pakistan, offers various Jazz Internet Packages to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. With Jazz Net packages, subscribers can enjoy seamless connectivity and high-speed internet access. Alongside, Jazz call packages keep subscribers connected with affordable rates and crystal-clear calls.

To avail of these packages, users can simply dial the jazz internet packages code provided by the company. These jazz data packages come in various options, including daily, weekly, and monthly plans, allowing users to choose the package that best suits their usage requirements.

Jazz also offers a convenient 1-day internet package for those seeking short-term internet access. With Jazz Internet Packages, customers can stay connected, stream their favorite videos, browse social media, and enjoy uninterrupted internet services at affordable rates.

Jazz Internet Packages for Daily Usage

Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Jazz Daily Net Package is for users who prefer late-night browsing or have specific timing preferences. These jazz internet packages allow you to experience hassle-free internet connectivity during your preferred hours. A hassle-free internet connection is necessary for business owners. Considering starting a business? Check out our blog on registering a company in Pakistan.

Jazz 1 Day Internet Package

For users who require internet access for a day, Jazz offers its 1 Day Internet Package. This package provides a sufficient amount of data to meet your browsing needs.

The Jazz Daily Internet Package is a suitable option as it offers a larger data volume, allowing you to stay connected for an extended period. A reliable internet connection is key, especially if exploring passive income ideas. 

To subscribe to the package of your choice, simply dial the activation code and enjoy a day full of internet connectivity without any worries.

Package Data Activation Code Price
Daily Super 150 MB +
(1440 Jazz Mins
50 SMS)
*212# Rs.17
Daily Mega 1 GB *117*4# Rs.27
Daily Super Plus 500 MB DATA +
(500 Jazz Mins
5 Other Network Mins
500 SMS)
*558# Rs.28
Daily Day Bundle 20 MB +
(300 Jazz Mins
300 SMS)
*340# Rs.14

Jazz Internet Packages for Weekly Usage

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

Jazz Weekly Internet Package is ideal for users needing internet access for a week. This package offers substantial data, ensuring you can browse the web, stream videos, and stay connected without running out of data. The Jazz Weekly Net Package is designed for users with specific data requirements.

Package Data Activation Code Price
Weekly Super Max 30 GB ​DATA [10 GBs + 10 GBs (2 AM – 2 PM) + 10 GBs YouTube] +
(6000 Jazz Mins
60 Other Network Mins
6000 SMS)
*506# Rs.299
Weekly Extreme 25 GB DATA (12AM-12PM) *117*1# Rs.75
Weekly Mega 7 GB *159# Rs.179
Weekly Super Duper 3 GB+(1500 Jazz Mins
60 Other Network Mins
1500 SMS)


Weekly Super Plus 12 GB DATA
(6 GB 2AM – 2PM) +
(5000 Jazz Mins
70 Other Network Mins
5000 SMS)
*505# Rs.285
Weekly All Network 2 GB +
(1000 Jazz Mins
60 Other Network Mins
1000 SMS)
*700# Rs.192
Weekly Hybrid 500 MB +
(1000 Jazz Mins
20 Other Network Mins
1000 SMS)
*407# Rs.115
Haftawaar Offer 1 GB DATA +
1000 Jazz Mins
50 Other Network Mins​
1000 SMS​
*747# Rs.120
Weekly Youtube & Social ​5 GB DATA
for IMO, WhatsApp, YouTube & Facebook
*660# Rs.89

Jazz Internet Packages for Monthly Usage

Jazz offers the Monthly Internet Package as well. The Jazz Monthly Net Package is tailored for users who need substantial monthly data but at a different price point. To maximize the benefits of your Jazz Monthly Internet Package, make sure your device is PTA-approved. You can quickly check PTA-approved mobile phones online.

Jazz Monthly Internet Package

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

This package provides significant data for browsing, streaming, and downloading needs. This package offers a generous data allowance at an affordable price, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious users.

All the Jazz net packages mentioned above are available for Jazz prepaid customers. Jazz ensures its prepaid users can access various options to fulfill their internet needs. Whether you’re a light user or a heavy data consumer, a Jazz internet package suits you. In addition to these packages, you can also check Zong internet packages to have a diverse range of options.

Package Data Activation Done Price
Monthly Premium 25 GB DATA (10 GB YouTube) +
250 All Network Mins
*919# Rs.620
Monthly Super Duper 5 GB DATA +
(3000 Jazz Mins
150 Other Network Mins
3000 SMS)
*706# Rs.680
Monthly Super Duper Plus 15 GB DATA +
(5000 Jazz Mins
300 Other Network Mins
5000 SMS)
*707# Rs.1099
Monthly Hybrid 1 GB DATA +
(10000 Jazz Mins
50 Other Network Mins
1000 SMS)
*430# Rs.500
Monthly Mega Plus 12 GB DATA
(6 GB 2 AM – 2 PM)
*117*30# Rs.349
Monthly Supreme 20 GB DATA
(10 GB 2 AM – 2 PM)
*117*32# Rs.499

Location-Based Jazz Internet Packages

Jazz provides specialized prepaid internet offers catering to specific regions and cities. These location-based internet packages are available in diverse areas such as Sindh, Sahiwal, Gujranwala, Sheikhupura, Nowshera, Karachi, Taxila, and Mandi Bahudin. However, people living in Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir should explore Scom internet packages.

City Detail
Sindh super night offer Rs.6 (Incl. Tax) 5 GB Data (11 PM – 9 AM)
Sahiwal super night offer 5 GB DATA (12 AM – 9 AM)
Rs.6 (Incl. Tax)
Gujranwala super night offer 5 GB DATA (12 AM – 9 AM)
Rs.6 (Incl. Tax)
Sheikhupura super night offer 5 GB DATA (12 AM – 9 AM)
Rs.6 (Incl. Tax)
Nowshera data offer 5 GB Data
Rs.71.7 (Incl. Tax)
Karachi haftawar data offer 3 GB Data + Free Whatsapp*
Rs. 44.5 (Incl. Tax)
Mbb super lbc offer 100 GB DATA
Rs.2000 (Incl. Tax)
Taxila Haftawar data offer 5 GB Data
Rs. 119.5 (Incl. Tax)

Jazz Internet Packages for Postpaid Users

Jazz offers a range of Postpaid internet packages, where customers are billed monthly based on their chosen package. To activate Jazz Postpaid internet packages, customers can dial *777#.

Package Data Price
Monthly Streamer 2 GB Rs.250
Monthly WhatsApp 5 GB Rs.75
Monthly Premium 5 GB Rs.500
Monthly Supreme 14 GB Rs.800
Monthly Super 24 GB Rs.1,020
Monthly Ultimate 50 GB Rs.1,870

Jazz Free Internet:

You can enjoy an uninterrupted browsing experience with Jazz Free Internet! Dial the code and stay connected without worrying about data charges. Whether checking emails, browsing social media, or streaming videos, Jazz Free Internet keeps you connected whenever needed.


Jazz Free Internet Packages Activation Codes
Jazz-Free Internet 11772*3#
Jazz Sim Lagao Offer *551#
Jazz New Sim Offer *191#
Jazz Free Whatsapp Offers *255#
Jazz Free Facebook
Jazz Instagram Free MBs
Jazz Youtube Free MBs

Jazz World App

Jazz World offers a one-stop digital platform for all your needs. Users can effortlessly

  • manage their accounts
  • subscribe to different packages
  • stay informed about the latest offers and discounts
  • track prepaid balances and postpaid bills
  • create personalized bundles

Jazz World streamlines mobile management tasks with ease. In addition to its core features, the app offers weather updates, exclusive movies, music, games, and discounts from leading brands and restaurants. Besides Jazz World, the telecommunication company has apps like Jazz Islam, which can help you design your Ramzan timetable.

Jazz FanPulse -HBL PSL 9

You can win exciting prizes on Jazz FanPulse. But What is jazz fan pulse? FanPulse is an engaging way for fans to watch PSL 9 matches. It’s a simple and interactive way for fans to get involved and connect with the game in real time. Commentators ask questions during the live game, and viewers can answer using the Tamasha app or Fanpulse webpage. If you want to watch PSL 9 2024 live, you can download the Jazz Cricket-Live Scores app, one of the best live-streaming apps for PSL.


1) How do you check the remaining MBs for Jazz 4G Internet Packages?

You can quickly check your Jazz 4G MBs package by dialing the respective codes of your selected Jazz plans. To check the validity and remaining MBs:

  • Dial 1174*2# for the Daily Packages
  • Dial 11747*2# for the Weekly Package
  • Dial 11730*2# for the Monthly Package

You will get information about the validity of your Jazz internet packages, the remaining balance (MBs), and other details.

Other methods to check Jazz Remaining MBs:

You can check the remaining MBs by choosing any of the following methods:

USSD Code: Dial *111# for instant balance inquiry. (Rs. 0.12 plus tax charges)

Jazz World App: Download the app to view balance conveniently.

Jazz Helpline: Call 111 to inquire about your balance.

Alternative USSD Code for MBB Users: Dial *6363# for MBB balance check. However, this code is valid for prepaid customers only.

Please note that the charges for these services may vary, and standard taxes will be applied to each transaction.

2) Can I subscribe to multiple Jazz internet packages simultaneously?

Yes, you can subscribe to multiple Jazz internet packages simultaneously. However, please note that each package will have its own validity period and data volume. Make sure to manage your subscriptions accordingly to avoid any inconveniences.

3) How can I get a Jazz 1 day internet package and a Jazz 3 day internet package?

You can get the Jazz 1 Day internet package by dialing *117*4# and the Jazz 3 day internet package using the activation code *631#.

4) What does Jazz Night internet package offer?

The Jazz Night internet package offers 5GB of data with usage allowed between 11 PM to 9 AM. The package costs Rs. 8 (including tax). To activate the package, dial *773#; to check the remaining data, dial *773*2#.

5) Is there any Jazz internet package in 70 rupees?

Jazz has introduced the “Jazz Mahana Bachat offer,” which offers 4000 MB of internet data along with 300 Jazz mins, 40 off-net mins, and 2000 SMS for the whole month in just RS. 70. You can subscribe to the offer by dialing *614#.

6) What are the activation codes for Jazz’s weekly and monthly internet packages?

Jazz weekly internet package code is *506#, whereas the Jazz monthly internet package code is *919#.

7) How much data is provided in Jazz 1 hour internet package and Jazz 24 hour internet package?

You can enjoy 1 GB of data with Jazz Super Ghanta Offer, and you get 2 GB of data for 24 hours in Jazz Daily Extreme offer.


Jazz Internet packages offer a diverse range of options to cater to the varying needs of its customers. Jazz ensures you can stay connected without interruptions, from daily to weekly and monthly packages. Jazz is a reliable choice for your internet needs, with fast browsing speeds, reliable connectivity, and affordable prices.

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