The Ultimate Guide To SMS Marketing 

The Ultimate Guide To SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is the kind of marketing where the customers are reached through a text message with only 160 characters. The text message consists of a promotional effort of advertising the product or service you are offering. Many organizations have proper SMS marketing professionals helping them through the process. 

In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of SMS marketing, the types of SMS marketing along with other details you should know. Keep on reading the blog to know how you can explore text messaging as a marketing channel to expand your business.

Why SMS Marketing?

Consumers can be desensitized to the bombardment of marketing materials as they are inundated with them every day. Many still believe that SMS marketing is outdated but in actuality, the statistics beg to differ. SMS has a great click-through rate of 19% because in 2022 we have an estimated 6.6 billion smartphone users in the world. As the number of smartphone users is increasing day by day, the probability of texts being opened within the 3 minutes has also increased.

The relevant content in SMS marketing can step up your marketing and it can be your biggest asset for the revenue drivers. In 2023, about 80% of the people in the whole world would be using smartphones and as per experts’ opinions, by the end of 2022, the average mobile advertising spending would reach around $336.5 billion. Not just that, there also would be almost 3.6 trillion business-related text messages sent by 2023.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

If we look deeper into SMS marketing, we will see a myriad of benefits of including SMS marketing in your marketing plan. It has benefited business owners and marketers by increasing revenue with just a single click.  

One of the many reasons why most businesses opt for SMS marketing is that it’s an immediate channel between you and your customers. According to Smart Insights over 45% of the SMS marketing campaigns are bringing great ROI as almost 97% of the text messages are read within the 15 minutes of time frame.

SMS Marketing will increase foot traffic for your business as the consumers are highly interested if any discount or a special offer is happening. SMS marketing is an effective key to grab the attention of your customer by directly telling them about the exclusive offers. 

Another benefit of SMS marketing is you can easily attain feedback from your targetted customer through a survey & communicate with them. The research concluded that almost 31% of the consumers are likely to respond to a text message which depicts you can easily get to know your customer. 

Types of SMS Marketing

Promotional SMS Marketing

This type of message includes all the information about the promotions offered by the company. It mainly consists of all the ongoing or upcoming offers, new products or discount offers details.

Transactional SMS Marketing

Transactional text messages sent in SMS marketing are just providing you with transactional information apart from the offers and discounts. It includes the status of any orders, emergency alerts, notifications about deliveries, etc.

Flash Sales

This type of marketing provides an offer for just a short period of time. What makes this unique is that other offers are for a long period of time meanwhile this one is limited to a short period of time. 

Types of Industries Using SMS Marketing

Many industries are using their budget to invest in SMS marketing as it is proven it brings out the highest ROI with customer retention. Here are some of the industries that are benefiting from SMS marketing:


Nowadays restaurants are doing SMS marketing where they send ongoing exclusive deals, coupons or discount offers to their loyal and new customers. 

Real Estate

Realtors are now using SMS Marketing to expand their network and generate leads from it.

E-commerce Stores

SMS marketing is mostly done by retailers who want to engage their loyal customers to increase their sales. Stores are usually sending their important messages to the members of their loyal program/customers.

In conclusion, if SMS marketing is so beneficial and many known industries such as real estate companies, and well-known food brands are doing it then you need to start doing it as well. Now that you have read in detail about the types, benefits, and industries that are utilizing this efficient technique then you should also note them down to include in your marketing plan. 

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