Top Investment Companies in Pakistan

investment companies in pakistan

Good job or not, everyone desires to invest, earn passive income, and make the future safe and comfortable. Without any savings or another income source, surviving becomes a challenging task. You can invest by running a side business in Pakistan or investing in some investment companies in Pakistan.

Even if you think you do not have enough money in your bank, you can still generate revenue. For instance, you can invest 10 % of your salary in stocks or REITs and make your future safe. Pakistan is a land of opportunities, and to generate passive income, you can also choose convenient plans from online investment in Pakistan. You can also visit the website of the Board of Investment (BOI) in Pakistan for investment advice.

List of Investment Companies in Pakistan:

With numerous opportunities offering low risk and a big profit margin, taking an investment initiative can hardly go wrong, mainly when it is done with the help of professional investors in Pakistan, proper guidance or sound market research.

For the commoner, investment seems risky, and often it isn’t easy to choose from many options available. Investment companies fill the gap as they work with different reputable companies and put the best offers on the table. Therefore, when you are looking for investment in Pakistan, you can do it with the best companies in your city.

If you are looking for the best investment in Pakistan, which is safe, low-risk and enables you to generate revenue, you are at the right place. S2S believes in educating and keeping its readers informed. Therefore, we are here with a list of top investment companies in Pakistan offering the best opportunities for investment in Pakistan.

Company Name Address Contact Number
National Investment Trust (Ltd) NBP Building, 6th Floor, I. I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi 032412056-59
Lakson Investments Building # 2, Sarwar Shaheed Rd, Saddar Karachi (021) 111 525 766
AH Group of Companies Umer Building, Office #11, 2nd Floor, Jinnah Ave, Islamabad (051) 111 678 678
Al Meezan Investment Management Limited H3PQ+6V7, Chaklala Scheme 3 Chaklala Housing Scheme 3, Rawalpindi 0800-42525
UBL Funds Managers Limited 4th Floor, STSM Building, Beaumont Road, Civil Lines, Karachi 0800-00026
HBL asset management Ltd Ground floor 148/4, Sehgal Emporium, Plaza Murree Rd, Saddar Rawalpindi (021) 111 425 262


So before further delay, let’s get started:

1. National Investment Trust (Ltd):

National Investment Trust was founded in 1962 as a public company. Soon it becomes the largest and first investment company in Pakistan. The company was among the pioneer who promoted investment and saving culture in the country. You can also Read our Blog on Top Multinational Companies in Pakistan

The trust offers a few of the best investments in Pakistan. Whether it is equity, income funds, pension funds or the money market, you can find the opportunity for the best investment in Pakistan. The options available emphasized more affordable and accessible investments for the commoner.

The National Investment Trust is working with over 35 branches and partners of distribution to help potential investors in Pakistan. The trust is famous for renowned investments, including NIT State Enterprise Fund. The State Enterprise firm is the largest mutual fund in Pakistan. At the end of the year 2022, the grossed amount was 94 billion rupees. The amount belonged to over 53 thousand unit holders.

It is the best available option for investors in Pakistan who are interested in trading and stock investing. The Trust has an online app to facilitate customers in multiple ways.

2. Lakson Investment:

Lakson Investment Company is a renowned investment company in Pakistan. It is part of the Lakson Group of Companies, which is operating with several manufacturing and business concerns. It offers many investment opportunities in Pakistan, including mutual funds, portfolio management and pension funds.

The Mutual Funds in Lakson Investment company are the funds pooled from stakeholders and invested in various business sectors for the highest profit. It distributes the revenue in proportions that lower the loss risk. Some popular and low-risk mutual funds include Income Fund, Equity Fund and Lakson Islamic Tactical Funds.

It is a reliable company that researches investment options in the country and has comprehensive insights about various industries in the country which possess the potential for profit. The company has over 50 branches countrywide and partners with the public and several businesses in Pakistan for advisory services.

3. AH Group of Companies:

Real estate investment is considered one of the best types of investment in Pakistan. Therefore, many real estate companies offer lucrative investment opportunities. AH Group of Companies is a leading Real estate company offering investment opportunities in the country. AH Group is running a successful real estate business in Pakistan.

You can invest in any of its mega projects and generate remarkable revenue. The company is young, and in a short time, it has become a convenient and reliable option for investors.

The company has branches in several cities in Pakistan, including Kohat, Hangu, D.I. Khan, Peshawar and Islamabad. Among its numerous projects, a few are; 091 Mall, Florenza Mall & Residencia, Mall of Hangu, AH City D.I. Khan, AH Tower, AH Residencia Islamabad, and North Hills Murree.

The real estate investment company is famous for its construction style and innovative business ideas. It offers complete real estate solutions, including customized investment plans, construction, digital marketing services and sales.

4. Al Meezan Investment Management Limited:

Al Meezan is a financial management company in Pakistan that offers Shariah-compliant investment opportunities to investors in Pakistan. The company has over 2 Lac customers who rely on investment advisory and financial insights.

The investors of Al Meezan are from different walks of life, including business persons, high net-worth families, institutes, companies and individuals. The company is famous for several reasons, such as it offers customized services of mutual funds or advisory according to the customer’s requirements.

According to the reports, till the end of last year, i.e. 2022, the company had over 262 million dollars in asset management. The sum of funds includes many investment options, including fixed income, equity, capital preservation, commodity, voluntary pension scheme, and asset allocation. The company also offers the opportunity for online investment in Pakistan by investing in mutual funds online.

5. UBL Funds Managers Limited:

UBL Fund Managers Limited is also one of the reliable investment companies in Pakistan. The company was established in 2001 as a subsidiary of United Bank Limited (UBL). The company is younger than many on our list, but due to its good services, it won the trust of investors very soon. Investors can invest in numerous services and products, such as mutual funds, discretionary portfolio management and pension.

The company takes funds to invest in companies that are making good profits, including Financial Sector Fund, UBL Stock Advantage Fund and Government Securities Fund.

The investment company has a vast distribution network across Pakistan, with over 300 branches. The company has won several awards for its excellent services, including the Best Asset Management Company Award at the Pakistan Stock Exchange Top 25 Companies Awards.

6. HBL Asset Management Limited (HBL AMC):

The HBL Asset Management Limited (HBL AMC) is one of the top investment companies in the country. It started its operation in 2004 and is associated with Habib Bank Limited. The bank is one of the largest banks in Pakistan.

The AMC offers various investment services and products to the public, including portfolio management, mutual funds and pension funds. The company is an expert in equity and fixed-income funds, managing the highest proportion of mutual funds countrywide.

Among the various other investment options, HBL AMC offers Income Fund, Islamic Money Market Fund, and Government Securities Fund. Investors trust them with their Money because of a competent and experienced team doing in-depth analysis and research to provide profit-making investment options for their customers.

Let’s Summarize:

So that is all for Now! We hope that these investment companies in Pakistan will help you in making better investment decisions with your hard-earned Money. A little market research and knowledge about investment options can make you generate revenue in the minimum time possible.

However, if you are looking for an easy investment with a low budget, then S2S recommend investing through a real estate company in properties. Invest where your heart goes with the help of professionals and make your future safe. Happy Investing!!

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