SCOM Internet Packages: Daily,Weekly & Monthly in 2024

Scom Internet Packages

In today’s fast-paced digital world, having a reliable internet connection is no longer a luxury but a necessity. The ability to access information, communicate with others, and enjoy various online services has become an integral part of our daily lives.

Regarding reliable internet service providers, one name that stands out is SCOM. With its exceptional range of SCOM sim internet packages, the telecommunication company has empowered individuals, businesses, and communities to stay connected and thrive in the digital age.

In remote regions like Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir, where access to other networks is limited or non-existent, SCOM plays a vital role as the primary internet service provider, bridging the digital divide.

SCOM made history by introducing the first-ever 4G network in these areas, connecting residents to the online world like never before. If you are planning to visit visa-free countries, check the internet packages of the respective country.

This article will explore the world of SCOM internet packages, their features, their benefits, and how they can transform your online experience.

SCOM Internet Packages

SCOM internet Packages- daily,weekly and monthly

SCOM understands the diverse needs of its mobile users and offers a range of data packages, including daily, weekly, and monthly options. This flexibility allows customers to choose the package that best fits their usage patterns and budget.

With SCOM’s reliable and affordable 4G internet packages, individuals and communities in these regions can embrace the power of connectivity and enjoy the benefits of being online. You can compare SCOM’s internet offer with PTCL internet packages to get an idea of the right package for your digital needs.

SCOM internet packages code is *111#. You can dial and get your desired SCOM prepaid internet packages. Here are the SCOM internet packages.

SCOM Daily Internet Packages

SCOM recognizes the importance of providing users with flexible options for short-term internet connectivity and therefore offers a range of daily internet packages to cater to their specific needs.

These daily packages are tailored for individuals who require internet access for a limited duration, such as travelers, tourists, or those attending events or occasions where temporary connectivity is necessary.

With SCOM daily internet packages, users can enjoy reliable and high-speed internet connectivity for the designated time period, ensuring they stay connected and productive throughout the day.

Package Name Detail Validity Price
SCOM Daily 200MB Package 200MB Internet 1 Day Rs. 20
SCOM Daily Plus Offer 500Mb Internet 1 Day Rs. 29

One of the options available is the SCOM Daily 200MB Package, which offers users 200MB of internet data for 1 day for Rs. 20. This package is suitable for users with light internet usage who need connectivity for a short-term period.

For users with slightly higher data requirements, SCOM provides the Daily Plus Offer. Priced at Rs. 29, this package offers 500MB of internet data for a duration of 1 day. It is ideal for users who need more data to browse the web, check emails, or engage in social media activities during their temporary internet usage.

Especially if you are an entrepreneur or business owner, smooth internet connectivity is crucial for you. You can also explore new business ideas while enjoying scenic views of nature.

SCOM daily internet packages ensure convenience, flexibility, and affordability for users who require short-term connectivity solutions tailored to their immediate needs. With a specific data limit and fast internet speeds, these packages allow users to engage in various online activities without the worry of exceeding their data quota.

Whether it’s for travel, special events, or temporary internet requirements, SCOM’s daily packages provide users with the connectivity they need for their short-term endeavors.

 SCOM Weekly Internet Packages

Scom Weekly Internet Packages

SCOM recognizes the need for short-term internet solutions and offers a variety of weekly internet packages to cater to its user’s requirements. Like the Jazz internet package, SCOM packages are designed to provide users a convenient and cost-effective option for staying connected throughout the week.

With SCOM’s weekly internet packages, users can enjoy uninterrupted internet access for 7 days, allowing them to browse the web, stream content, and engage in online activities without worrying about data limits or speed restrictions.

Package Name Detail Validity Price
SCOM Weekly 800 MB 800MB Internet Data 7 Days Rs. 80
SCOM Weekly Social Pack 7GB Social Data 7 Days Rs. 80
SCOM Super Weekly Offer 2GB Internet Data 7 Days Rs. 129
SCOM Weekly Dhamaka Offer 3GB Internet Data 7 Days Rs. 150

One of the available options is the SCOM Weekly 800 MB package, which provides users with 800MB of internet data at Rs. 80. This package is suitable for individuals with moderate internet usage who need connectivity for a week. It allows users to stay connected and perform essential online tasks without exceeding their data limit.

For users who are active on social media platforms, SCOM offers the Weekly Social Pack. Priced at Rs. 80, this package provides a generous 7GB of social media data, enabling users to stay connected with their favorite social media platforms and engage with friends and followers throughout the week.

Another option is the Super Weekly Offer, which includes 2GB of internet data for Rs. 129. This package caters to users with moderate data requirements and ensures they have ample internet access for a week, whether it’s for browsing online jobs in Pakistan, streaming, or staying connected with work or personal matters.

Additionally, SCOM offers the Weekly Dhamaka Offer, providing users with 3GB of internet data for a duration of 7 days at a price of Rs. 150. This package is suitable for users with higher data needs, allowing them to indulge in various online activities, such as streaming videos, downloading files, or engaging in online gaming.

With its range of weekly internet packages, SCOM provides users with flexible options to meet their short-term internet requirements. Whether it’s for personal use, social media engagement, or general internet browsing, SCOM’s weekly packages offer affordability, convenience, and reliable internet connectivity for a week.

SCOM Monthly Internet Packages

SCOM offers a wide range of monthly internet packages to meet the diverse needs of its users. These packages provide reliable and affordable internet connectivity for a month, whether for personal use, social media engagement, or business requirements.

With SCOM monthly internet packages, users enjoy uninterrupted connectivity, high-speed internet, and generous data allowances, making for a seamless online experience. These packages are a blessing for students as they can stay in touch with their class fellows, browse educational websites, and submit urgent assignments.

Package Name Price Detail Validity
SCOM Unlimited SMS and WhatsApp Package Rs.50 300MB Whatsapp2000 SMS 30 Days
SCOM Social Media Package Rs. 300 7GB Social Data 30 Days
SCOM Monthly Gold Rs. 449 6GB Internet 30 Days
SCOM Monthly Premium Rs. 549 10GB Internet 30 Days
SCOM Super Card Gold Rs. 550 3000 On-Net Minutes200 Off-Net Minutes3000 Local SMS5GB Internet Free Facebook 30 Days

For those who rely heavily on messaging apps and texting, you can avail SCOM WhatsApp package and SCOM call packages. SCOM monthly internet packages offer the SCOM Unlimited SMS and WhatsApp packages.

The package is priced at Rs. 50 and offering 300MB of WhatsApp data and 2000 SMS for 30 days. The Social Media Package, priced at Rs. 300, provides 7GB of data for avid social media enthusiasts. So, be it important calls from bosses or messages from recruitment agencies, you stay connected throughout your trip.

For users with higher data usage requirements, SCOM offers the Monthly Gold package, which includes 6GB of internet data for Rs. 449, and the Monthly Premium package, which provides 10GB of internet data for Rs. 549.

For a comprehensive package that includes internet data, voice calls, and messaging, the Super Card Gold package is available at Rs. 550. This package includes 3000 on-net minutes, 200 off-net minutes, 3000 local SMS, 5GB of internet data, and free access to Facebook for 30 days, offering a complete communication solution.

 Other SCOM Internet Packages

In addition to the daily and monthly internet packages, SCOM offers other enticing internet packages to cater to the diverse needs of its users.

Package Name Price Detail Validity
SCOM Mini Card Rs. 300 800 On-Net Minutes70 Off-Net Minutes2000 Local SMS1000MB Internet 15 Days
SCOM Surprise Mini Super Card Detail Rs. 350 1000 On-Net Minutes80 Off-Net Minutes3000 Local SMS1500MB Internet 20 Days


One such package is the SCOM Mini Card, which provides 800 on-net minutes, 70 off-net minutes, 2000 local SMS, and 1000MB of internet data. Valid for 15 days, this package is perfect for users who require a balanced combination of voice calls, SMS, and internet access at an affordable price of Rs. 300.

Another attractive option is the SCOM Surprise Mini Super Card, offering 1000 on-net minutes, 80 off-net minutes, 3000 local SMS, and 1500MB of internet data. This package is valid for 20 days and provides users with extended benefits for a slightly higher price of Rs. 350.

With these packages, users can enjoy ample talk time, text messaging, and internet usage, ensuring they stay connected and engaged in their daily activities.

SCOM internet packages cater to users with different communication and data needs. Whether it’s voice calls, SMS, or internet access, SCOM offers a variety of packages to suit individual preferences and budgets.

By providing affordable and feature-rich options, SCOM ensures that users can find the perfect package to meet their specific requirements and stay connected most conveniently and cost-effectively as possible.


How can I get SCOM Internet Packages?

If you want to activate an internet plan on your SCOM Sim, there are two ways to do it. You can dial SCOM internet packages code *111# or download the SCOM mobile app, sign in, and select the internet package you want to subscribe to.

How to check the remaining data in SCOM?

To conveniently check the remaining mobile broadband balance on your SCOM network, simply dial *125# from your mobile phone.

Let’s Conclude it

SCOM has revolutionized internet connectivity in Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir. With its diverse range of data packages, SCOM has bridged the digital divide and provided affordable and reliable internet access to these regions.

Users can choose from daily, weekly, and monthly packages that suit their needs. SCOM’s commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction has made them a trusted internet service provider.

By opting for SCOM’s internet packages, individuals and communities can fully embrace the benefits of being connected in these remote areas. SCOM has transformed connectivity and opened up new opportunities for users, empowering them to thrive in the digital world.

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