Why Are Chatbots Important?

Why Are Chatbots Important?

A chatbox is a program that is used to conversate with humans, allowing the users to interact with the software for any kind of query. The computer program simulates human conversation through text or by voice. The communication between the software and the human is like just how a real conversation works. Chatbots are the social messaging services across different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Website where chatbots are used for communication.

According to studies, almost 40% of users prefer chatbots over humans. The users of business to consumers or business-to-business use chatbots to handle their work process and make it efficient and very simple. There are a lot of advantages of adding chatbots to your business. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of chatbots.

Importance of Chatbots
As our world is becoming more and more digitalized, chatbots are becoming the best allies for a company and its customers. Did you know almost 56% of people would rather message than call any customer service? Then why not use these statistics for your business advantage? Many organizations are now digitally transforming their ways to maximize their sales and productivity by using artificial intelligence.

Here are some of the amazing statistics that show the importance of using Chatbots:
By 2022 end, Chatbots will handle almost 75-90% of the healthcare and banking queries.
Global Chatbot Market will cross 454.8 million USED in revenue by 2027.
Since 2019, almost 92% growth has been seen in Chatbots as a brand communication channel.
Almost 67% of the global consumers used Chatbots in the past year.

Chatbots Save Time
Artificial intelligence saves the time of your customer by giving them responses instantly. Otherwise, your employee would take some time to check the questions, then find answers and provide them to the user. This time can be allocated to other tasks by getting a chatbot for your business. Hence, chatbots are becoming very important and popular.

Chatbots Availability Is Much More
Another factor why chatbots are so important for any business is that they are available to your customers 24 hours a day. The employee works just some dedicated hours in a day and answers queries to the best of their ability in that time but with chatbots, they will answer the question at any time from anywhere. Every customer expects to receive fast answers with instant replies from the companies, for that matter chatbots come in handy.

Chatbots Increase Your Sales
Chatbots are the key to increase your overall sales. We have seen statistics on how the customers are now preferring chatbots over humans, which eventually leads them to make a purchase. Chatbots can proactively offer their help on your website or help the customer in assisting when it comes to pointing out some suitable offers. According to studies, chatbots increase sales by 67% because the company is giving instant replies to customer inquiries and helped in increasing satisfaction with the customer service.

Here are some of the organizations that are using chatbots & are making their work productive.

Online Shopping:
Sales teams get the best help from chatbots as there are many questions from the customers when it comes to online shopping. Chatbots are able to answer the most complex questions such as shipping prices, stock availability, etc.

Customer Service:
Chatbots will provide excellent customer service by answering repetitive requests, FAQs, or questions by the users.

Provides assistance in personal development or onboarding.

Virtual Assistant:
Chatbots nowadays are also acting as virtual assistants, such as big companies like AMAZON’s Echo with Alexa, GOOGLE, and APPLE’s Siri have different forms of virtual assistants.

In conclusion, nowadays everything is fast-paced so every other customer is expecting to find their needed information instantly. Chatbots are here to ease some of our burdens and help us in providing real-time information to the customer.

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