Why Twitter Marketing Is Important

Why Twitter Marketing Is Important

If you own a business, it is essential to stand out from the rest on every platform. It’s mandatory for you, to market your brand’s voice on every channel. Social media is the greatest tool where you can maximize your brand’s awareness and revenue. Just like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin, it is now also very significant to use Twitter. According to Twitter, the time spent viewing ads on Twitter is 26% higher than on any other social media platform.

There are almost 397 million active users on Twitter, which makes it the perfect platform with a diverse audience where you can hit your target audience. Twitter marketing is bridging the gap between businesses and consumers by helping brands in reaching maximum audiences in minimum time with just 280 characters. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of Twitter Marketing along with effective ways in which you can create strategies for Twitter marketing.

Why You Should Do Twitter Marketing

You might have come across different brands interacting with their audience on Twitter on various occasions. While scrolling, you might have seen famous brands interacting with their audience, and responding to their audience. McDonald’s Pakistan with 44k followers, Jazz 676k followers, Samsung Pakistan with 316k followers, Twitter has been an incredible platform for these known brands. Almost 59% of businesses are using Twitter for their B2B business, which makes it necessary for you to start your marketing on Twitter as well. Many businesses are reaching out to provide customer support along with other news through Twitter. These statistics speak for themselves that why you should be doing Twitter Marketing.

Benefits of Twitter Marketing
Every brand from different industries is now using Twitter to boost its sales. We are going to break down some benefits you can get from Twitter Marketing.

It Maximizes Your Brand Awareware:
With more and more active users joining Twitter, it is highly likely that your targeted audience would be very much interested in your service on Twitter, bringing more engagement to your page. In Pakistan, Twitter had 3.40 million users in Pakistan in early 2022. It is the best platform to showcase your company’s existence to the world, by informing new people about your brand’s vision and voice. Through this, you will maximize your brand awareness.

It Grows Your Community
Twitter is known to be the best platform where every brand and celebrity has its own support system. Twitter ranks the 6th most popular mobile application which is based on the number of monthly active users. You can also create a supportive community of your fans who believe in your brand and your brand’s voice. 

It Provides You With Valuable Feeback 
Your customers are your support system for your business. Twitter is a vital marketing medium as it is easier for businesses to reach and respond to their customer’s concerns. One of the benefits you can get from Twitter marketing is that you can gain valuable feedback from your customers and then you can show your support to them.

How To Create An Effective Twitter Marketing Strategy
As a business marketing strategist, it is important for you to think carefully while making your content strategy for Twitter. Until now, we have seen the benefits and importance of Twitter Marketing. Now we will dig deeper into some tips you can use to create an effective Twitter Marketing strategy.

  • Find out which type of content is liked by your audience. Also, check out your competitor’s content which is getting more engagement. 
  • If there is any certain occasion or holiday, then you can reach your audience by adding a hashtag of trend and then tweet through scheduling to add special discounts or deals. 
  • Keep track of retweets, follower count, and engagement to know how well you are doing and which content is doing well.
  • Verify your profile so every new customer knows your credibility. Add an official email address, office address, and number.
  • Customize your business profile so that you have a matching profile photo with your logo and a header. The colors should be coordinated and they should portray your brand’s voice. 
  • Twitter launched Campaign Planner where you can forecast campaign results before launching them. It is not currently available in Pakistan but it is available in the US.UK and Japan.
  • Use Twitter Analytics as it is very easy and effective to use and it’s free too. Check out what are the monthly stats, audience demographics, and events stats from these tools. 

In conclusion, it is now very important for you to be active on Twitter and have a strong presence on it. It’s a spectacular idea to use the platform & as it has so many diverse audiences.

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