Artificial Intelligence Scope in Pakistan

Artificial Intelligence Scope in Pakistan

We have created a virtual world with many social media platforms, eCommerce and mobile commerce. For the last few years, Artificial Intelligence has been taking over the virtual world and proving to be an alternative to human intelligence.

However, if you do not know what AI is, worry not, as it is not a replacement; it assists them with smart programs to get the job done conveniently and efficiently. Artificial Intelligence has proved itself as a breakthrough in software and technology development.

According to the reports of Statistica, the AI Software market share will be over 126 billion USD by 2025 due to its continuous growth. The application of artificial intelligence includes various things, including; machine learning, natural language processing and robotic process automation.

With the increase in the need for smart and efficient work, artificial intelligence has expanded the opportunities sphere. Therefore, the scope of artificial intelligence in Pakistan has also increased in a short time.

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What is AI – Artificial Intelligence?

So are you also looking forward to knowing more about AI, its work scope, benefits and opportunities that will be offered in your way for a better future? Worry not because we have got you covered. Before knowing more about AI, it is essential to know what is AI and how it affects our lives.

Scope of artificial intelligence

Before digging deep into everyone’s favorite technology, let’s discover what AI is.

Artificial intelligence, or what we all call AI, was once used in computer science on a minor level. Still, it has immersed every industry by simplifying things and copying human-like activities. Smart technology has taken the world by storm and redefined how professionals used to do tasks in different sectors, including IT, Telecom, Innovation and science.

Artificial Intelligence aims to solve non-mathematical yet complex problems easily, which humans have done before. AI is quickly converting human resources into computers and simplifying everything, i.e., from day-to-day work to complex professional tasks.

Artificial Intelligence in Pakistan and worldwide are equipped with attributes similar to the ordinary person. For instance, the IA is designed/ programmed to thick, act and react like normal people. The machine learning system enables a computer to perform tasks that can be completed only by the intellectual capabilities of people.

AI can be used to get some ideas and concepts, language translation, generate reports or write essays, and produce programming lines, and codes; the list never ends.

Artificial Intelligence Scope in Pakistan:

Artificial Intelligence Scope in Pakistan

Pakistan has always been the land of doctors, engineers, and technologists. The IT industry is growing in the country very fast. The interest in artificial intelligence has increased in the last few years, and the IT industry has doubled in the last 4-5 Years.

Several companies in the country use artificial intelligence to perform many crucial tasks. More than 2000 IT Companies and call centers in Pakistan up till now, and the number is increasing every day. The scope of artificial intelligence in Pakistan is vast, and it has lots of potential to grow.

Many artificial intelligence companies in Pakistan are working to revolutionize the industries in the country and transform them efficiently. Due to its potential, thousands of students opt for AI to study and explore the world of revolution. It aims to bring innovations and transform lives.

Industries and businesses in Pakistan are on the verge of exploring AI and how it is revolutionizing our interaction with modern technologies. Artificial Intelligence scope in Pakistan is not subject to industries and companies only; it has made a strong position in the educational and healthcare sectors too. Also Read our blog on Marketing Ideas for New Business in Pakistan

Hence you can find universities offering Artificial Intelligence in Pakistan to study and growth of their students.

The Artificial Intelligence Scope in Pakistan might be in the early stages, but qualifying it is one of the wisest decisions a student can make in the era of technology and science. Many Artificial Intelligence companies in Pakistan hire students who are experts in software development, particularly in AI. The artificial intelligence scope in Pakistan can be determined by students’ interest in AI faculty and their passion for learning about it.

Artificial Intelligence in Pakistan and worldwide relies most on academia. Unfortunately, most of the focus of our educational institute is on teaching fundamental concepts and dead technologies.

Luckily, things have changed rapidly, and many universities are offering Learning AI; new technologies and innovative applications can leave a positive effect on startups, groups or a person.

AI in Education Sectors of Pakistan:

With the bustling trend of AI, the educational sector of Pakistan is thriving and taking the country to new limits. With the increasing use of artificial intelligence, many top universities are launching AI Knowledge centers. The National Center of AI Development has become a top trend in Pakistan. The higher educational institutes – Universities follow in their footsteps and provide the youth with learning platforms and work in the AI field side by side.

Some prominent universities in Pakistan blend artificial technology and offer the youth a better station to learn and work in the field. Here is a list of universities that have centers for AI Learning on their premises are:

  • University of Engineering Taxila AI Research Lab in Lahore
  • University of Engineering Taxila Center of Intelligent Networks & Systems – Peshawar
  • NUST National Center of Artificial Intelligence – Islamabad.
  • The Artificial Intelligence Lab at IBA in Karachi.

AI in the Health Sector of Pakistan:

Artificial Intelligence has proved to be a blessing for the healthcare sector of Pakistan. It offers a higher accuracy rate, no fatigue, and works with human-like capabilities. Therefore, it has become an ideal technology in health and medical lines.

Many hospitals worldwide seek assistance from AI-powered robots in different treatment and medical procedures, such as diagnosis and curing diseases. In Pakistan, a few AI-based solutions in medical care are; Patient First, Safety Connect, Healthcare Matrix, etc.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Other Sectors of Pakistan:

Artificial Intelligence scope in Pakistan

Artificial intelligence scope in Pakistan does not stick to the healthcare and education sectors. You can find many AI startups and companies in Pakistan, for instance;


Orbit is an AI-based app that is used for schools. It describes the concepts in attractive 3D visuals, assists teachers, and explains complex concepts with 3D models.


It is an artificial intelligence platform that supports in microfinance niche. It aims to suffice the consumers’ needs for lending. The consumer can be an individual or an owner of small and medium-sized businesses.


It is an AI Application that uses satellite technology to collect data about agricultural/farmland to simplify the work of farmers and managers of the crops.

Trending Artificial Intelligence marketing tools in Pakistan:

A few of the trending AI apps in the digital marketing space are as follows:


It is a popular AI tool that helps to produce quality content for many platforms, genres and campaigns.

Chat GPT:

It is a famous language processing tool run on artificial Intelligence. ChatGPT allows human-like chat, and the bots can carry out various tasks such as composing emails, essays and blogs.

It is a great tool powered by artificial intelligence that helps to keep an eye on competitors. The tool helps in scraping websites for competitive advantage.

Let’s summarize:

Pakistan is embracing AI very fast; the Pakistani government has recently announced to train 10 Lac individuals in AI. The government has dedicated a fund for the purpose. The technology will be used in all industries, including agriculture, finance, education, etc. It will give a boost to the artificial intelligence scope in Pakistan. However, there is still a long way to go and get global recognition.

The successful startups and promotion of AI in universities will soon help in the growth of Pakistan. We hope this blog will help you know all about AI. Keep reading our blogs to stay in touch with the latest information.

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