10 Steps to Rank Website on Google in 2024


If you are thinking of launching a new blogging website or already have a business website, it all depends on your traffic and how it ranks on Google. In this blog, I will show you how to get top ranking on Google. If you want to know about digital marketing read best digital marketing blogs.

So here! If you are looking for a website ranking guide then you are in the right place. Below you will get the step-wise guide to rank your website.

10 Steps Guide to Rank Website:

This post is a full-fledged guide and answers to your all questions about, How to rank quickly on Google. So before further delay let’s start!

1. Manage On-Page SEO

On-site SEO is one of the most effective ways to improve website ranking on Google. The reason behind this is that you can optimize the website within 2 to 3 minutes. Later on, you will be able to see rankings boost within some days. You can also check advanced on page SEO factors.

The most important question is “How to rank website on Google’s first page”?

Let me tell you in a few words. First, make sure your main targeted keyword is at the beginning of your title tag. This is important because Google emphasizes more effectively in terms of the title tag that shows up in the beginning.

For Example, Your targeted keyword is ‘Website Ranking‘ or ‘Website Ranking Check’. You need to write that keyword right off the bat. So Google emphasizes keywords in the title tag more quickly. Get to know about SEO Jobs In Pakistan.

2. Use High Search Volume keywords

Before going into details first let’s talk about ‘What exactly is Keyword Search Volume’. It refers to the number of searches for a specific keyword. If you don’t have an idea How to get top ranking on Google, the answer is Research for Keywords with High Search Volume.

This is an important element for ranking websites on Google. You may have a description or a way to describe your business, product, information, or service. But the main question is how your audience will search for the product or service.

For this specific motive, you need to use some tools to research keywords with high search volume. We have listed down some tools for keyword research:

You can use these tools to search for keywords for the ranking website.

3. Add LSI Keywords

LSI stands for “Latent Semantic Indexing”. In the past few years, Google and other search engines like Bing simply figure out the main topic of the page based on the main keywords in the blog or article. That’s why keyword search was so important in the past for an SEO-friendly website.

Nowadays if you want to figure out how to get top ranking on Google you need to add LSI Keywords in your topic. Google depends on LSI Keywords to know the overall topic more deeply. For example, we have a keyword “SEO Friendly Website” The LSI for this keyword will be SEO Friendly Website templates and SEO-friendly Website Ranking Checker. So Google will scan your website for LSI keywords.

4. Publish High-Quality Content

When there’s a question on how to rank websites on Google’s first page, High-quality content will be the right answer. According to the Google algorithm for a ranking website unique, high-quality, and specific content is necessary. It should not be plagiarized or written on other websites. Make sure your content must be readable and user-friendly.

As we all know content is a king to rank your website on top. So try to write maximum keywords in your content so Google can scan what is the main topic of the blog. High-Quality Content is the best practice to answer how to rank your website on Google.

According to Neil Patel – “There’s only one key behind producing great content, day after day… You don’t need to be the best writer. You don’t need to be a top expert (although it can help). You don’t need any fancy tools (although they can also help). What you do need to do is understand your reader.” Read more about Best Amazon Services In Pakistan.

5. Optimize Website Speed

Let’s suppose! You have created a new website and spent a lot of weeks on it. But your website is facing a problem that the website is not loading fast as you want it to be. That makes the user get offended and before the website ranking will be open they just bounce back to the search results. This practice is not recommended in the Google algorithm to ranking websites.

But converting your slow-speed website to a fast-speed website is not that hard a task to do. You can simply remove the image or code that is becoming a hurdle for your website to rank top on google. You just need to find out where the issue lies, fix it, and here you go. Read blog tips to optimize your blog for search engine ranking.

6. Perform Strong Internal Linking

Have you heard about internal linking? It’s another technique of ranking your blogs/articles on top of SERPs. It will make your website stand on the top of the query that a user puts in the Google search bar. Indirectly internal linking helps your pages to rank if any of your website page will start ranking.

Another fact to be seen here is the links inside an article. It drives the user to the other writing on the website. It is called Internal Linking. It engages the user to stay on your website and read your content. In other words, we can say a link from one page on your site to another page on a website, not like backlinks you can utilize exact-match anchor text in the internal links. For example Currently

For example, our blog is currently downward on the first page of the query ‘online business ideas in Pakistan.

If we check out monthly, how many people search for this keyword via Keyword searching Tools. We will get the monthly search volume.

By increasing the probability that the page positions move, we use to add an internal link to the page whenever we write relevant keywords like online business ideas in Pakistan, business ideas in Pakistan, etc. It will work positively for the ranking of the blog as well as increase the traffic on the website. Because people always prefer to read the blog on the top or first on the SERPs.

7. Reduce the Bounce Rate of the Website

When a user clicks on your website link the appearance of your site is not that catchy user quickly bounces back to the main page. Well! That’s a clear impression to Google that the users are not reading the content and not happy with the site. And if the users are not satisfied Google will not index your site as it seems you have a useless site.

This is the first impression of your website when they land on your page if it’s not good then nothing will be good. A simple solution for this is to improve the top area of your website by moving your content to the top.

8. Make your website mobile-friendly

We all are mobile users and this is the most common thing to visit a website. Open a laptop then open Google then search for the website ranking it takes too much time. Mobile is the invention that saves this time. On a very first priority user simply search on mobile, if it’s not a mobile-friendly website he will never go to search again on his laptop or PC.

Google provides a Mobile-friendly testing tool. In that, you just need to write the URL in the search box and wait for the tool to check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not. Also read our blog digital marketing courses in Pakistan if you want to learn digital marketing.

When it’s about how to rank your website on Google then the content is not enough. Infact you have to create some sources that people can see your post. You can’t just publish the content and wait for the content marketing so that people will link you. Read the relevant blog on Best Off-Page SEO Techniques

There is a huge competition for the videos, blog posts, pictures, or infographics that upload every single day on the internet. Also add your business on business listing site. For building backlinks, there are a lot of digital marketing companies are working that are providing these services and to make sure that How to get top ranking on Google.

S2S Marketing is one of the best top-ranking marketing companies that is providing these services to their clients. If you required backlinks building, SEO, and marketing for your website you can visit S2S Marketing or visit top marketing agencies in Pakistan.

10. Monitor Your Website Ranking

This is the phase in which you can see your ranking website position and website ranking check and improvements. You can see if your website is ranking higher than before or not. It will be difficult to check your ranking website every hour.

For that, there is a Google ranking check tool named “Google Webmaster tool” also known as Google Console. You can simply write the URL in the search box and the Google ranking check tool will show you the results. This is the easiest way to monitor your ranking website.

Summing Up:

That is how a lot of people are making their websites rank on Google. We hope you have learned and enjoyed the way we explain each prospect of ranking on top of SERPs. It was a step-by-step guide in 10 steps to make people acknowledge it is not that hard. All you need is t follow these steps and boost your website ranking. If you are unknown to SEO and you don’t know how to add keywords, you can read our blog on how to add keywords to a website.

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