How to boost your confidence during an interview

How to boost your confidence during an interview

In a nutshell, self-confidence is your opinion of yourself, it’s like running water, it comes out of nowhere and goes away without even you knowing.
For a successful interview, confidence is the key, and projecting it can be perceived as important as demonstrating your skills and talent.
Be honest with yourself

Stepping outside your comfort zone is the most uncomfortable thing that a person has to go through. Rather than throwing yourself into the deep end, take that step.

Talk to yourself in the mirror
Before you head for that ‘important interview’, be sure to look yourself in the mirror and say, “I am good enough and this job is mine.” Positive self-talk is the key to not just being confident before the interview but in life.

Use breathing techniques to boost confidence
Now even the kids know the art of breathing in and breathing out. At the heart of courage is feeling relaxed, so always remember that breathing exercises coupled with mindfulness help. Our cognitive functions suffer when we are anxious and at that very moment, breathing calm nerves.

Think back on your past accomplishments and talk calmly
Contemplate your past achievements, how things unfolded and why you are here. Picture yourself successful as it will boost your self-esteem. Maintain a smile and think that you are the best person for this job.

Make eye contact, maintain a good posture and talk calmly
To project confidence, start by practicing natural and steady eye contact throughout your interview and make your back straight with your shoulders, back and chin raised up. Speak calmly and slowly, answer one question at a time and then the other one, this will help you from rambling.

Aim to connect with the interviewers, not impress them
Your job as an interviewee is to connect with them, not impress them. So your energy should be focused on building the connection with them rather than thinking about your performance.

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