How to Create a Brand Positioning Strategy For Any Business

How to Create a Brand Positioning Strategy For Any Business

It’s important for any business to gain the loyalty of the customers to a point they are willing to purchase from the brand. A strong brand position strengthens the company in the long run. For any business, a strong brand positioning is a key to success. Brand positioning is when your brand is recognized by the customers and it has a great impact on your customers. It is more than just a tagline, slogan, or logo as it’s a way to stand out from the competition. “The act of designing the company’s offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the target market” according to Kotler – an American marketing author and consultant. The key is to create a unique impression on your customers so they start associating something very specific to your brand.

In this blog, we will discuss why it’s important to have a strong brand positioning and how your business can create one.

Importance of Brand Positioning
A strong brand positioning allows your brand to be different from its competitors. Every business has its own brand, own brand voice, and vision. It is important to work proactively on your brand to enhance its vision and stand out from the rest. By standing out from the rest, it helps the business in creating more awareness about the brand and it communicates the value of the brand to a wider audience, later on, it justified the pricing too. These days we hear sales messages from every other corner, and every other person is vying for your attention but if you have a strong brand positioning then it breaks through the clutter and you reach your target audience directly.

Let’s figure out some ways in which you can achieve a strong brand positioning.

Know Your Audience
To gain loyalty and to be a favorite of your customer then it’s important to know your target audience. Understanding the deepest desire of your audience is the only way you can be their favorite and gain their trust. Understand what your customers want only then you can align your brand voice with it. The best of the best brands connects with their customers emotionally. Create a customer persona that will include every detail such as names, age, relationship status, etc, and then try to dig out more information about what are their preferred ways of shopping, what other brands they like, etc.

Analyze Your Current Brand Positioning
It’s very essential to know where you currently stand in the market. Dig down deeper to know if your service is just another ordinary item on the market or do you have a unique selling point? If you understand the current position it can help you in understanding your competition. After that, determine what are your mission, values, and objectives and what is the purpose of your brand. Establish a list of adjectives that emphasizes your brand and then select a tagline, develop an ad or a hashtag that aligns with your brand.

Study Your Competitors
Now that you have enough data on your own brand, the next step is to establish who your competitors are. The research you do on your competitors will help you in creating a better, more effective marketing strategy. Conduct market research where you ask your sales team to know about the process of others and how their pitch works and what other keywords are used by the companies. Check out the services your competitors offer, what are their strengths and weaknesses, what are their current strategies and how strong is their brand positioning.

Develop A Brand Positioning Framework
To have a framework, you need to use a unique approach where you focus on some touchpoints that will be used in your marketing strategy. Generate your own value proposition, target audience, and prepare a big idea, mission statement, tone voice of the brand that will shape a brand positioning for you.

In conclusion, brand positioning is a way to build your brand and gain success. Its important to put these steps into practice to gain a better result.It’s

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