What Is Emotional Marketing & How It Works

What Is Emotional Marketing & How It Works

Emotions are the reactions that every individual experiences in response to any event or situation. Emotions are used as a tactic, to persuade people for some matters such as in advertising their product or service. It is the most used practice not just now but since the time of Aristotle, when the famous Greek philosopher identified emotions as an effective technique to persuade people. Many times we think the buying decision is dependent upon the logic but it is not the case every time, some decisions are influenced by the feelings of the person.

Emotion is a strong driving force that urges people to take certain actions and it influences the action of the person. This is why many marketing business planners are now including emotional marketing into their plans to reach business milestones.

Emotional marketing refers to the process of advertising in which the aim of the advertising is to target the emotions of the targetted audience. The emotions could be fear, anger, joy, or other emotions that are strong enough to create a heavy influence on the audience’s buying decision.

The Importance of Emotional Marketing

Emotional Marketing is an effective technique with which you can achieve more sales and more customer retention. It is advised to make the marketing more towards the emotions so it can drive higher conversation rates. Through many studies, emotional ads have gained more amount of revenue than those in which the rational information was used. It is important for you to create emotional ads, using different emotions to generate better results. In 2015, during the summer, Coca Cola “Choose Happiness” generated a great deal of revenue where they used happiness as a way to persuade their buyers where they can share joyful memories and experiences with Coca-Cola.

Famous Emotional Advertisements in Pakistan

  • Shaan Ramadan TVC
  • Brooke Bond Supreme – Zaiqa Neki Ka
  • Surf Excel – Esar ek Ibadat
  • McDonald’s – Mamta Ek Jazba

Ways of Using Emotional Marketing in Your Advertising

Building Trust

The content you are putting out there, it is important to build trust with your customers through it. The more you produce user-generated content, the more people will talk about your product and it will be an easy way for you to build trust with your customers. You can post testimonials, and reviews of your service so everyone can start trusting your brand with these.

Adding Happiness for Maximize Sharing

How many times have you shared something only because it made you happy? Sharing any content will increase your brand recognition, for which you need to add happiness to your advertisement. The good news travels faster than the bad news. The Coca-Cola campaign of “Choose Happiness” was successful as the brand index rating rose from 8.2% to 26/7%.

Using Anger

As an emotion, anger can trigger people to ask questions, it makes people stubborn and reconsider their point of view and you may achieve your goal of establishing a change. Some anger can bring out the emotional side of the buyer, it can make your content viral and you may gain some loyal followers. Anger is a strong emotion that can inspire millions of people to share your content.

Adding Greed

The customers of your product should feel that they will get more if they invest now. It’s very natural for a customer to invest in your service if they gain something more out of it. “Buy one Get one Free” is one of the best strategies that bring more sales. You need to create some kind of urgency in your content so the customers start getting excited. Add ad copies like, “Limited Offer”, “ Buy Now”, and “ Only 3 Days Left!” to generate greed in your customers.


In conclusion, if you have successfully put emotions into your marketing, you will generate more sales. It is important to know the exact target audience in order to align these emotions or more emotions into your plan.

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