How to Market Your Real Estate Ads on Facebook in 2024

Real estate facebook ads in pakistan

If we talk about social media, then Facebook (Meta) is the first social media platform that works as a lead generation tool. There is no doubt in saying it lies somewhere between digital marketing services. When it comes to real estate, it becomes more focused and essential. About 70% of real estate agents and companies rely on Facebook to market their real estate projects by publishing real estate ads.

Are you one of that 70%? If not but planning to target an audience for real estate Facebook ads, then this article might be helpful.

Additionally: In the recent decade, The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has launched Meta, which will mainly focus on bringing the metaverse and helping people to connect with each other. He claims about the future that people will be teleported instantly as a hologram. It will make a new pitch in the ground.

In this blog, we are going to explore the real estate Facebook ads in 2024, along with that you’ll also get to learn how to run ads on Facebook. So, let’s start before any further delay!

7 Best Tips for Posting Real Estate Facebook Ads

  1. Create Facebook Page
  2. Pick Relevant Category
  3. Company Details
  4. Facebook Page URL
  5. Profile Image
  6. Sharing Posts
  7. Share Updates
  8. Engage with your Audience
  9. Leverage ON-Page SEO Strategies
  10. Utilize Off-Page SEO Techniques
  11. Collaborate with Digital Marketing Agencies

1. Create a Real Estate Facebook Page:

Real Estate Ads-Facebook

All you need to do is sign up by writing a valid email address, user name, and password. After creating a profile, simply login to the account and click on create a page option. After that, you will see a window tab with different options. Pick up the option with the heading ‘Local Business or Place.’

Note: If you are creating a page to promote the real estate advertising words by posting ads, you must select the option with the headings ‘Organization, Company, or Institution’.

2. Pick a Relevant Category for the Real Estate Facebook page:

Before exaggerating the topic, let us clarify the meaning of the category.

The category is meant to be a division within a method of classification.

Every business has a different category for a real estate Facebook page, a category/class must be relevant to it. While here, you must be wondering what specific kind of category gratifies your business. We suggest at an initial point you can go with the options, including company, small business, investment, or realtors.


3. Write Down the Accurate Details of your Company:

Every person needs the correct information. However, it’s about the property, fashion, or anything else. After creating a page and picking up the category, you have to fill out the company details. You have to click on the option Update Info. You will move on to a section. Over here, you have to write down all details about your real estate company or business.

After that, to add more, you can select the option “about” and write down the additional information.

It can be beneficial in a sense to bring more followers that can trust your company’s services. It can be a way to boost and gain more popularity with regular page visits.

4. Facebook Page URL:

The URL is a link that represents your business. So, it must be in a professional manner. In the initial stages, you cannot change or adjust it as you want it to be. But right after getting more than 25 followers and 24 likes with at least one post, you can add a custom URL.

You must be thinking about why this needs to be changed.
The answer is it will allow google, users, and the searchers to quickly locate\find your page.

Note: Make sure your URL contains the keyword or business name. But keep this thing in mind, you can only change it once a time. So, if you have changed your username once, then you won’t be able to change the URL.

5. Add a Professional Profile Image:

A picture is an essential part of creating a Facebook page. And when it comes to real estate marketing, it becomes more valuable. A profile picture represents you, your business, or your company. So, it should be highly professional. Putting a random image is considered a poor marketing trend.

Note: Putting your company logo as a profile image can be beneficial, as more people can see your business logo as more people know this logo is for a real estate company.

If you want to set a profile image except for the logo, then you can also use the headshot. Adding a low-quality or blurred picture is a bad practice for publishing real estate Facebook ads 2024. It will damage the reputation of your company.

6. Share Engaging Real Estate Facebook Posts:

After doing all of the above elements, you will start publishing posts and target audiences for real estate Facebook ads. But how does a post engage the users?

There is no lack of content in the real estate industry. But the thing is: How to use that content for posting real estate Facebook ads in 2024? You can share ads and posts by posting helpful and engaging articles, blogs, innovative concepts, appealing images, and creative videos daily. Consistency is the key to your Facebook page’s engagement and prevalence.

If your post consists of an image, make sure it’s relevant to the caption, write down the suitable hashtags, and also include some trending hashtags.

7. Share Company and Trends Updates:

Sharing every update with your users will engage your visitors to stop scrolling and check out what’s coming next and what has changed.

You can share upcoming events, articles, and any news, or it can be Instagram posts. It will allow the reader to focus.

Below we have added a section to give you some additional information and real estate advertisement examples.

An ad depends on the image and caption\description. Both must be accurate and engaging. For example, if an Expo or big event is coming and you only share a picture with the caption ” Company/brand name is organizing a property Expo”. It’s too short for engaging a user. If it could be written with correct real estate advertising words with the proper guideline of a Facebook manager and by following the Facebook algorithm, it will surely become a more compelling ad.

8. Engage with Your Audience:

Incorporate live video sessions and webinars into your real estate Facebook page strategy. These live sessions enable you to engage with your audience in real time, addressing their inquiries, presenting properties, and imparting valuable knowledge about the real estate market.

Live videos and webinars enhance audience interaction and establish your expertise in the real estate industry. Real Estate Marketing Ideas in Pakistan attract a broader audience for your business to thrive. This step will help you establish a deeper connection with potential clients and foster trust, setting the stage for successful real estate transactions.

9. Leverage On-Page SEO Strategies:

To enhance your online presence and effectively engage with your desired audience, it’s crucial to integrate on-page SEO strategies into your digital marketing endeavors.

Specifically, when it comes to market real estate ads on Facebook, optimizing your website’s content and incorporating Facebook real estate ads can significantly elevate your search engine rankings. This optimization effort ensures heightened visibility among potential clients seeking real estate advertising solutions on this widely-used social media platform.

By implementing these on-page SEO techniques, your website’s performance in search results will not only thrive, but you’ll also be able to discover the potential of Facebook as a formidable platform for real estate marketing. This approach guarantees that your listings garner the attention they rightfully deserve.

10. Utilize Off-Page SEO Techniques:

Best Off-page SEO techniques, include backlink building and social media engagement, that plays a vital role in boosting your online presence. Actively engage with real estate marketing communities on Facebook, share your expertise, and network with potential clients and partners. This builds credibility and generates valuable backlinks to your page, increasing its authority and visibility. Once you figure out the benefits of SEO, you’ll be amazed.

11. Collaborate with Digital Marketing Agencies:

Consider partnering with reputable digital marketing agencies in Pakistan. These agencies have expertise in promoting real estate businesses online and can help you develop and execute effective marketing strategies. By harnessing their experience, you can stay ahead of the competition and gain valuable insights into the local market.


In conclusion, successfully marketing your real estate Facebook page requires a combination of strategic steps and staying updated with the latest trends. By creating a professional page, optimizing it for search engines, and engaging your audience with relevant content, you can harness the power of social media for your real estate business. That will enable you to achieve sustainable growth and prominence in your real estate business in Pakistan.

By consistently implementing these strategies and keeping a keen eye on the ever-evolving digital landscape, you can position your real estate business for success in Pakistan. In addition to that, you’ll also learn how to market your real estate projects on social media.  Keep in mind that the advantages of SEO and successful social media marketing extend beyond immediate benefits and play a crucial role in establishing long-term brand recognition and building trust with clients. Begin and confidently expand your real estate business in Pakistan, as you possess the tools and expertise to flourish in this competitive market.

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