Why Podcasts Are Important In Marketing

Why Podcasts Are Important In Marketing

When it comes to content marketing, there are various types of content out there with different forms and sizes. Some creators are posting blogs, social media content with visuals and videos and some have started using podcasting. Many of us like to watch the content in which we connect on a more personal level through our eyes and through our ears too. Whenever we allow our users to listen to the emotions behind our words, we automatically reach a wider audience and connect with them. Podcasts are used to deliver our messages through speaking, where the users listen to what we offer. There are almost 380+ million podcast listeners globally. Podcasts are becoming an important tool in digital marketing strategy, where you can hear directly from your favorite individual about your favorite brand. 

In this blog, we will share the reasons why podcasts are becoming important in marketing. 

Get To Know About Podcast

A podcast is known as a talk radio show where the only difference between a live radio show and a podcast is that the listeners can listen to the show at any time. It is a pre-recorded audio show, available to be downloaded by the users. They are informative with different hosting platforms, making it easier for you to expand your brand recognition. You can listen to these from your smartphones or desktops and laptops, whenever you wish. According to research, it is predicted that there will be almost 400 million podcast listeners throughout the world by the end of 2022.

Link Between Podcast and Marketing

The reason why Podcasts are gaining popularity these days is that it allows every brand to be specific, and it creates a new way to communicate their services in a unique way to captivate the audience. It is the best way to advocate your brand and create stories of your own to tell your listeners and turn them into potential customers. Podcasts are bridging the gap between company and their users and they can generate a great amount of engagement, to engage your loyal customers. Many brands invite different famous influencers to their show, to bring their audience onto their own page. In this way, the brand gets an incredible chance to wider its audience. 

Why Podcasts Are Important

Did you know that there are almost 2.4 million podcasts with more than 60+ million episodes? Whenever you include a podcast in your marketing strategy, you avail many opportunities that open doors to more customers and more revenue.

 Here are some reasons and the roles the podcasts play to increase brand awareness along with the reasons why you should be including them in your content marketing strategy.

Convenient, Simple Yet Effective

Podcasts are gaining popularity because they are easy to be consumed. Your loyal users or potential customers can listen to the podcasts from anywhere to anytime. Everyone is too busy with their lives to commit to something that involves a physical activity whereas, with podcasts, your customers don’t have to go anywhere but in fact consume it without any commitment. 22% of the people listen to a podcast while they are driving, and you may never know how beneficial it could be for your brand. You can’t do that with videos or blogs as they require more concentration from the users. This is why it makes it important for any marketing brand.

Generates Loyal Customers & Build Credibility

A robot speaking into a mic will not produce effective results as compared to a real person speaking into a mic. Podcasts are a great source to generate more loyal customers and a way to increase your brand awareness to a wider audience. If you have a strong loyal fanbase on podcasts, you can easily take them to your other platforms to generate more revenue. According to research conducted by Podcast Insights, 94% of podcast listeners are usually active on social media channels and are also more likely to follow brands or organizations on social media. 

Its Unique To Stand You Out From The Rest

Everyone nowadays is fighting to be different, for which you also need to be creative. Podcasts are a great way to stand out from your competitors. If you’re providing valuable information to your audience, then you will stand out from the crowd and you may also be able to educate your audience. You can show off your company voice through podcasts, where you can cultivate a diverse and inclusive image of your brand to your new audience.

In conclusion, it is now high time that you avail this golden opportunity of podcasts and start to include them in your marketing plan. 

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