Reasons Why You Are Not Generating Any Leads

Reasons Why You Are Not Generating Any Leads

Do you know almost 61% of marketers rank lead generation as their biggest challenge? Imagine you are shopping for ingredients & groceries to make your favorite dish. You wash them, cut all the groceries, and put all your efforts into the dish. You also try to make it taste better but it doesn’t look or taste the way you wanted it to be. You must be feeling sad that all your hard work is gone to waste because you missed some important ingredients. There is no worse feeling than spending your time and money somewhere but not getting the result or response you are looking for. Want to make your dish just like how you wanted it to be? 

You are getting a lot of engagement, and traffic on your website but what are the facts that your audience is not taking the next step? At times, many customers are interested but they are not buying your product or service. There are a lot of steps, and tricks to be considered which play a role in generating leads and then making all those leads clients. In this blog, we will discuss what is lead generation in marketing, its importance, and all those reasons which are stopping you from generating leads.

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation in marketing is the process in which you market your product or service in a way with which a customer shows interest and provides you with their information & takes action to make a purchase. It’s a process in which a customer provides their contact information. Almost 53% of the markets spend almost 50% of their budget on lead generation. There are plenty of ways to generate leads such as organic SEO, inbound marketing, organic social media strategy, or boosted social media posts. 

Why Lead Generation Is Important

Who would want to eat a tasteless dish? Similarly, why would you not want clients for your business? If you are a B2B or B2C company, lead generation is the most important asset to any business. According to almost 85% of B2B companies, lead generation is one of the most important marketing goals. Without any leads, a company cannot grow or convert its potential customers into actual customers. Companies that are lacking in sales and consumer base need to have a plan for their lead generation so they attract their targeted customers. 

Reasons You Are Not Generating Any Leads

There must be some adjustments that you should need to make, to get the results you are looking for. The strategist needs to put some insights through a full sales and marketing funnel to find out how you will achieve more potential customers to your site and how will you then exactly guide them through so they are not just visiting but making a purchase too. Following are some reasons that might be the cause you are not getting or generating any leads. 

You Are Not Using Calls To Action

If you are bringing people to your landing page and they are reading the content but what’s the point if they are not doing more actions? You need to tell your visitors a clear idea of what you want them to do, you need to provide a solid call to action so they are not just staying but also subscribing, or adding your products to their carts. Make your content in a way that tells them to do these actions.

You Don’t Have A Strong Social Media Presence

Many clients check out the reviews before making a purchase. You need to showcase a list of good reviews on your website or pages to know why people like you and your product. Almost 70% of the potential customers check the reviews which make this important for you to do it. The lack of awareness about your company or services can be a reason why you are not generating any leads. 

You Are Providing Complicated Contact Forms

People nowadays are used to simpler things and simple formats. You also need to design a simple landing page or a simple landing form. If you are providing a complicated form, then it might be a hassle for all those to fill it. It should be easier for them to figure out, or else you might not generate any leads. It is recommended to use minimal graphics and fields. Long contact forms might make the customer lose their interest so you need to make sure your visitors are not abandoning your form.

Your Forms Are Not Mobile-Friendly

Many times your potential leads want to convert but due to your website being not mobile friendly, it stops them from becoming actual customers. Most customers are accessing your site from their mobile, so your website shouldn’t be limited to only desktop users. Many companies are now executing responsive designs, to ensure landing pages and contact forms are loaded accurately on different devices such as tablets and phones. 

You Have Unrealistic Goals

Another reason why you might not be generating any leads is that you have made unrealistic expectations. All your objectives should be S.M.A.R.T which means all your goals need to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. You cant make impossible goals and expect to receive all those results.

In conclusion, you need to go through all your strategies and make sure you are not making these mistakes. If you have these issues mentioned above then try to avoid all these steps to achieve more and more leads. 

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