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More than once, we’ve been in a situation where we’ve ordered a dress that looked very appealing on the website and that we thought would fit us perfectly, but ended up with something extremely hideous – a drab, shapeless sack of a dress, if you may. Now, a dress is still something that you can return or exchange with another piece of clothing at the store; however, the same can’t be said about a real estate agent you’ve hired to find you a new home.

The big question here is not how you can find the perfect dress with a perfect fit; rather it’s how you can find the perfect real estate agent. (I know you all want to know how to shop online without any hesitation or remorse, but I feel like this blog is not the right place to answer that). To put you out of your misery, we’ve compiled a list of questions for you to ask your real estate agents. This will help you narrow down the search and decide on the right agent. This step is important for you because real estate investments require both emotional and financial input from the person making them, which is why it cannot be ignored.

Here are some of the questions that you should ask the real estate agent before you hire them:

1. How long have you been a real estate agent?

Every time we’re hiring a new person for any position, we look for the number of years and accomplishments under the person’s belt. It’s no different when we’re hiring a real estate agent. An experienced real estate agent can always solve the expected, arising problems even before they actually take place. Also, they have probably developed connections and negotiation skills that might prove helpful to you later when you’re making your own deal. 

2. Do you work part-time or full-time?

This could easily be the most important question you could ask the agent that could finalize your decision of hiring them. Why? It’s pretty simple, actually. If they are working part-time as a sales agent, then they would always be distracted by their other job and its responsibilities. Between the calls, they’d miss and their divided focus, a lot of your demands will simply be forgotten.  Get to know more here

On the other hand, if they are working full-time, then all your 

While there might be part-time agents who are amazing at the job, they might be very few. The same can be said about the full-time agents as well. Just because they are doing this full-time, doesn’t always mean they are good at it. So there will be other factors that will need to be considered before you decide on one agent. 

3. Do you work with both buyers and sellers?

If your real estate agent specializes in either buying or selling, it is better that you know that. If you’re looking for someone who specializes in working with buyers or sellers – or both – then you’ll know who to choose.

4. How many buyer clients do you currently have?

The number of clients a real estate agent has will tell you how good they are at their job and how much they can deal with at a given time period. However, too many can be a red flag, so tread carefully. You don’t want to end up with a real estate agent that doesn’t have enough time for you. 

5. Do you know the area that I’m interested in?/Have you worked in the area that I’m interested in? 

If you have a specific area that you want to invest in, it is better to ask your agent if they are familiar with the area, have had a project there previously, or have any connections there that might prove beneficial when a deal is being made. This is not the most important question that you can ask, but it is surely one that will prove to be a cherry-on-top eventually. Ask this when you want to seal the deal.

6. Do you have any references that I can contact?

An agent’s previous experience with his/her clients will tell you a lot about them. Make sure you’re vetting an agent with as much attention as you would do any other professional working for you. After all, this is just as important if not more. 

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