How To Pace Yourself At Work?


Sustainability is a beautiful concept that is not just limited to the way we use natural resources; it also applies to us, with our own energies to avoid breakdowns and burnouts, rendering us useless.

How can this be avoided?
Continue reading to find out.

On Your Feet.

All of your goals are attainable but require a little stretch or a little fresh air. Make sure that you are making up for the hours that you spent sitting down on a desk so that not only are you fit but are also active and motivated to think clearly. This will help you be realistic and set goals for yourself that you can achieve if you try.

Divide it Up.

Set deadlines for your goals so that achieving them is an accomplishment for you. This is a healthy competition of a person with their ownself that doesn’t require every minute of every hour to be planned but does lay out a plan of what can be done in the long-, medium- and short-term.
When you plan a long-term goal, determine how to achieve it through medium-term goals. These, in turn, can be accomplished by short-term goals. By doing so, you’ve effectively simplified the process of pacing yourself.

Keep Going.

When you estimate how long it takes you to do something, be brutally honest and realistic to yourself. On some days, it might take you five minutes to do a task; on others, the same task might take you half an hour! A good idea, in this case, would be to be mindful of how you are on a certain day – physically and mentally – when you’re about to set your goals for the day.

Be Realistic.

Long-term goals focus your attention and act as a reminder that you’re in this for the long haul. Being in something for the long haul means being able to sustain yourself. Don’t use all of your energy and initiate a burnout of your talents. You shouldn’t think you can build a career out of burning a candle from both ends.
Remember: easy does it?

Take a Break.

Taking breaks is as important as working during work hours. Even if it’s at a sustainable pace, you can’t work forever. More importantly, it’s not good for your back, eyes, brain, and wrists. You should make a conscientious and conscious effort to schedule breaks throughout the work hours. Just make sure the breaks aren’t too long or it won’t be easy to gather the motivation to work again.

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