List of Top 12 Visa Free Countries for Pakistan in 2024

Visa Free Countries for Pakistan

Over the years, the number of visa free countries for Pakistan has considerably increased due to improved international relations, as traveling is a crucial part of personal growth and improvement.

It refreshes your spirit and frees your mind from the monotonous routine. However, in today’s world, traveling has become an extremely expensive endeavor.

Fortunately, visa free countries for Pakistan offer free entry to Pakistani passport holders.

Getting tourist visas or thinking about immigration to Canada from Pakistan can cost hundreds of dollars, and the visa application process itself is often time-consuming and tiresome.

Traveling rejuvenates you psychologically as much as physically. Thankfully, these countries welcome Pakistani travelers without the necessity for a visa, making it stress-free and more affordable to explore the world.

What is Visa free Traveling?

Visa free traveling or visa free countries for Pakistan refers to those countries which provide the privilege to Pakistani passport holders of entering the country without the requirement of a visa.

Traveling is a delightful experience that allows you to explore new cultures, expand your horizons, and create ultimate memories. While visa requirements can be your present challenges, the increasing number of visa free countries for Pakistani passport holders opens up opportunities for exhilarating travel adventures. Get to know about current visa policies, plan your trips accordingly, and make the most of your visa free travel experiences.

Visa free countries for Pakistani passport holders permit travelers to visit these countries for various purposes, such as tourism or business, without the hassle of attaining a visa.

It allows travelers to visit these countries for tourism, business, or other purposes without having to go through the visa application process.

For Pakistani passport holders, having the opportunity to travel to visa free countries and if you’re lucky enough one might avail free visa for Pakistan, which can significantly simplify their travel ideas and make it more reasonable.

Pros of Visa free Traveling

There are several benefits of visa free countries for Pakistan, if someone opt to travel to visa free countries,

  • Cost-saving: Traveling to visa free countries eradicates the expenditures associated with visa application fees and any additional fees, making it more budget-friendly.
  • Time-saving: By bypassing the visa application procedure, travelers can save valuable time that would otherwise be wasted on paperwork and waiting for visa approvals, which can be exhausting.
  • Flexibility: Visa free travel provides the independence to embark on spontaneous and unplanned trips and explore multiple destinations without the limitations imposed by visa requirements.
  • Simplified travel planning: Without the need for visas, travelers can focus on other aspects of their trips, such as accommodations, activities, exploring new places, and gaining local understanding.
  • Ease of Entry: Visa free countries generally have modernized entry procedures, making it easier and less hectic to pass through immigration checkpoints.

To help you plan your trips, S2SMark assembled a list of the top visa free countries for Pakistan 2024 passport holders, that you might be able to afford by the amount you earned from online earning websites in Pakistan.

List of Top 12 Visa free Countries for Pakistani Passport Holders

Following is the list of visa free countries for Pakistan.


Country Visa Requirement Duration
Cambodia Visa on arrival 30 Days
Maldives Visa on arrival 30 Days
Nepal Visa on arrival 30 Days
Madagascar Visa on arrival 90 Days
Qatar No visa required 30 Days
Cape Verde Island Visa on Arrival 30 Days
Kenya Visa on Arrival 90 Days
Uganda Visa on Arrival 30 Days
Haiti No visa required 30 Days
Micronesia No visa required 30 Days
Niue No visa required 30 Days
Vanuatu No visa required 30 Days

1. Cambodia:

Visa Free Countries for Pakistan

Cambodia is one of the nations where Pakistan passport holders, can travel visa free. Cambodia is the place to go if you want to experience a melting pot of Indian and Chinese cultures.  Cambodia is present in Southeast Asia.

It is characterized by its lush plains and gorgeous rivers. Cambodian culture is noteworthy because of the ways in which its proximity to China and India has shaped it. Temples, archaeological digs, a royal palace, and other historical landmarks are all open to the public.

Located in Southeast Asia, Cambodia offers visa free entry for Pakistani passport holders. It boasts a rich history, breathtaking temples (such as the famous Angkor Wat), stunning landscapes, and a vibrant culture.

Tourist Attractions in Cambodia

  • Angkor Wat
  • Royal Palace in Phnom Penh
  • Sihanoukville beaches
  • Tonlé Sap Lake
  • Bayon Temple

2. Maldives:

Visa free countries for pakistan-maldives


Who hasn’t heard of the Maldives? Because of its magnificent scenery, mouthwatering multiple options of cuisine, and captivating beaches, it is widely recognized among the general public.

There are almost a thousand coral islands in this tropical area. Male, the capital of the Maldives, is well known for its fish markets, delicious restaurants, and the mosque Hukuru Miskiy, which is constructed of white coral.

The Maldives, a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean, warmly welcomes Pakistani passport holders without requiring a visa. The Maldives entices with its unrealistic beaches, translucent waters, and opulent resorts, making it a sought-after destination for countless dreamers.

Tourist Attraction in Maldives

  • Malé Fish Market
  • Hulhumalé Beach
  • Banana Reef
  • National Museum (in Malé)
  • Bioluminescent Beaches

3. Nepal:

Visa free countries for pakistan-Nepal

As a neighboring country, Nepal offers visa free entry to Pakistani passport holders. Nepal, a landlocked nation strategically nestled in the Himalayan region, it is distinguished by the profusion of mountains that make up around 70% of its landscape. Due to its geographic location, Nepal is a dream destination for those who admire nature.

Nepal stands out as the perfect destination for adventurers and explorers looking for exhilarating experiences because of its alluring golden temples, breathtaking Himalayan range, and attractive hill towns. It conveniently offers visa on arrival for Pakistan in 2024.

Tourist Attractions in Nepal

  • Kathmandu Valley (including Durbar Square, Swayambhunath, Boudhanath)
  • Pokhara (including Phewa Lake, Sarangkot)
  • Everest Base Camp trek
  • Chitwan National Park
  • Lumbini (Birthplace of Lord Buddha)

4. Madagascar:

Visa free countries for pakistan- madagascar

Situated off the eastern coast of Africa, Madagascar is one of the top visa free countries for Pakistan, it is renowned for its astonishing wildlife and stunning landscapes.

Pakistani passport holders can explore this biodiverse island nation without the need for a visa. Madagascar, formerly the Malagasy Republic, is the second-largest island nation in the world and is located in the Indian Ocean.

This fascinating location is well-known for producing lemurs, vanilla, and jalapenos. Madagascar is the perfect vacation spot if you enjoy outdoor activities.

Tourist Attraction in Madagascar

  • Avenue of the Baobabs
  • Isalo National Park
  • Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park
  • Ranomafana National Park
  • Andasibe-Mantadia National Park

5. Qatar:

Visa free countries for pakistan- Qatar

Qatar, is a Middle Eastern country known for its contemporary architecture, extravagant shopping centers, and cultural attractions. Qatar allows visa free entry to Pakistani passport holders.

It is home to the vibrant capital city of Doha and offers a blend of traditional and modern experiences.

Qatar is renowned for its perfect beaches, breathtaking deserts, and majestic dunes. Visitors can indulge in authentic Arabian hospitality and savor the delightful local cuisine. Adding to the allure are attractions like the Museum of Islamic Architecture and other historical landmarks.

Tourist Attraction in Qatar

  • The Pearl-Qatar
  • Souq Waqif
  • Museum of Islamic Art
  • Katara Cultural Village
  • Aspire Park

6. Cape Verde Island:

Visa free countries for pakistan

Imagine a horseshoe-shaped nation consisting of ten volcanic islands, which are peacefully nestled in the majestic Atlantic Ocean. And now, imagine that you can capture all these stunning views within your eyes without having to apply for a visa.

Cape Verde Islands presents itself as a safe and serene place, which is no doubt a perfect destination for travelers. Its mesmerizing salt lakes and beautiful beaches make it like paradise on Earth. And here’s the best part: you can explore this enchanting place for up to 30 days with a valid visa.

Tourist Attractions in Cape Vande Island

  • Praia de Santa Maria
    Pico do Fogo
    Praia de Chaves
    Sal Rei

7. Kenya:

Visa free countries for pakistan

As we are well aware that, Africa is the ultimate destination for every nature lover. Kenya, nestled in the heart of Africa, is a fascinating place to visit, where 62 languages are spoken and understood.

Kenya is a place where you can go on thrilling safaris and witness incredible wildlife in their natural habitat. Besides the famous safaris, Kenya is also home to beautiful lakes, mountains, and picturesque valleys. The best news is you can stay here for 90 days with a valid visa.

Tourist Attractions in Kenya

  • Maasai Mara National Reserve
    Mount Kenya National Park
    Amboseli National Park
    Tsavo National Park
    Lake Nakuru National Park

8. Uganda:

Visa free countries for pakistan

Uganda is known to be a landlocked African gem. It has gained popularity because of its breathtaking landscapes. Imagine snow-capped mountains, awe-inspiring waterfalls, and serene lakes. It’s a paradise for nature enthusiasts. 72% of the area is covered by greenery, while the other 26% of the country is made up of lakes. Uganda is also home to unique animals and a variety of bird species. You can explore Uganda for up to 30 days with a valid visa.

Tourist Attractions in Uganda

  • Murchison Falls National Park
    Bwindi Impenetrable Forest
    Queen Elizabeth National Park
    Mgahinga Gorilla National Park
    Kidepo National Park Uganda

9. Haiti

Visa free countries for pakistan

Haiti is one of the best options on the list of visa-free countries for Pakistan. The breathtaking beauty of Haiti is like a panoramic view from the movies. Turquoise waves at golden shores and mountaintops covered in dense vegetation capture the hearts of the tourists. Stunning sunsets are no less than a blessing for photographers and tourists. Besides picturesque scenery, Haiti is famous for its magical and folklore. If you are looking for mesmerizing Disney moments, Haiti is the place to be.

Tourist Attraction in Haiti

Top sights in Haiti include

  • La Citadelle
  • Port-au-Prince
  • Jacmel
  • Saut-d’Eau
  • Bassin Bleu
  • Labadee

10. Micronesia

Visa free countries for pakistan

The next country among free visa countries for Pakistan is Micronesia. Micronesia is a collection of thousands of small islands in the Pacific Ocean. The famous Island states are the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Palau, the Marshall Islands, and the Federated States of Micronesia. The country is known for its stunning scenery and rich cultural heritage.

In Micronesia, you will get an exotic combination of spectacular beaches, sky-reaching mountains, historical sites, and striking landscapes. Some of you may see it as a “Paradise on Earth”. Micronesia is considered a perfect destination for romantic getaways and family vacations.

Tourist Attraction in Micronesia

Places to visit in Micronesia include

  • Nan Madol
  • Palikir Pass
  • Chuuk Lagoon
  • Yap Stone Money
  • Pohnpei’s Ancient Nan Madol

11. Niue

visa free countries for pakistan

Situated in the South Pacific adjacent to Samoa, Tonga, and the Cook Islands, Niue is a small Island with around 1,700 inhabitants. Niue has also been placed on the list of visa-free countries for Pakistani passport holders. The literal meaning of Niue is ‘behold the coconut.’ There will be no language barrier since the residents of Niue are fluent in English.

Niue is known for its limestone rocks and coral reef dive sites. The main tourist attractions of Niue include stunning beaches, museums, rock pools, snorkeling, and whale-watching. Besides the unique geology and landscapes, Niue offers you marine adventures. Niue is an ideal place to go for outstanding and supreme experiences in tropical settings. Regarding the duration of stay, you can stay in Niue for up to 30 days without a visa.

Tourist Attraction in Niue

Top tourist places include

  • Talava Arches
  • Limu Pools
  • Matapa Chasm
  • Togo Chasm
  • Hio Beach

12. Vanuatu

Visa free countries for pakistan

Vanuatu is also placed on the list of free visa countries for Pakistan. The Vanuatu archipelago is a dreamy place in the South Pacific region. Vanuatu encompasses around 80 islands. It is famous for its dynamic and adventurous tourist activities like the Jungle Zipline Canopy Tour, a shore excursion, scuba diving, etc. There is a museum in Vanuatu where you can learn about the rich Melanesian culture and history of Vanuatu.

You can stay there for a month and explore this premium vacation destination.

Tourist Attraction in Vanuatu

Here are the top sights in Vanuatu

  • Mount Yasur
  • Mele Cascades
  • Champagne Beach
  • Eden on the River
  • Millennium Cave Tour


In conclusion, visa free travel allows Pakistani passport holders to travel the world without having to go through the trouble and expense of getting a visa. The top eight visa free countries for Pakistan 2024 include Cambodia, the Maldives, Nepal, Madagascar, Qatar, Cape Verde Island, Kenya and Uganda. These diverse destinations offer special experiences and attractions. Traveling without a visa has many advantages, including time and money savings, flexibility in trip plans, streamlined travel arrangements, and simpler entry procedures.

In addition to the thrilling world of travel. You may be interested in how to register a company in Pakistan if you’re willing to start your own business. The procedure usually entails filling out the necessary papers, acquiring the requisite licenses, and registering with the appropriate government agencies. After reviewing online business ideas in Pakistan, you might consider beginning affiliate marketing websites in Pakistan. You can create a prosperous virtual business with the correct tactics and commitment, potentially earning a huge income while taking advantage of visa-free travel.

Before making any trip schedules, it is advised to confirm visa free countries for Pakistan, and the most recent information with the relevant establishments as visa necessities sometimes alter. To ensure a comfortable and delightful trip, stay informed on the recent regulations and visa requirements of your desired destination. Take advantage and plan to visit the countries that don’t require visas for those with Pakistani passports to travel there and enjoy amazing adventures that will have a lasting effect on your personal development. Happy travels!


Which European country is visa free for Pakistani passport holders?

There are no nations in Europe where Pakistani passport holders can enter without a visa. Visa-on-arrival or e-visa options, however, might be available in some European nations.

It is advised to check the most recent visa requirements for each individual European nation before planning your travel destination.

How many countries can Pakistani passport holders enter without a visa?

The number of visa free countries for Pakistani passport holders can differ and may change over time. As of cutoff in September 2021, there are several countries that offer visa free or Pakistani passport visa-on-arrival entry.

However, it is essential to validate the current visa requirements for your intended destination before traveling.

Which country offers an easier path to citizenship for Pakistani citizens?

It is important to note that citizenship is usually not easily obtained, and it depends on factors such as immigration policies, residency requirements, and individual circumstances.

It is worthwhile to consult with immigration authorities or seek professional advice regarding citizenship options for Pakistani citizens.

Is Qatar a visa-free country for Pakistan?

Yes, Qatari immigration laws allow Pakistanis to enter without a visa. You can get an on-arrival visa for 30 days. Moreover, visitors can extend their stay for an additional 30 days.

Is Turkey visa-free for a Pakistani passport?

Turkey requires Pakistani passport holders to obtain a visa before entering the country.




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