Top 9 Famous Shopping Malls in Islamabad

malls in Islamabad

Everyone loves shopping, and when we specifically talk about ladies, it becomes more interesting. We cannot refuse the reality that it is a need of every second person out of five. Of course, there are plenty of markets and shopping malls in Islamabad. The city’s diverse market offers exciting opportunities on various e-commerce platforms and online earning websites like Daraz, adding a modern twist to shopping for tech-savvy individuals.

Yet, if you are an enthusiast of purchasing everything under one roof while walking in an air-conditioned building, you likely choose definite malls over time-honored markets. Relying on your taste and different aspects, such as accessibility, you might already have a favored mall. Malls in Islamabad showcase various brands with distinctive marketing ideas and strategies.

While specifically talking about the Islamabad shopping malls, several luxurious shopping malls in Islamabad offer several facilities with top-notched clothing, cosmetics, food, and several other brands. We all know Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and is one of the most attractive capitals globally. The city was designed to make sure that the rich infrastructure of Islamabad completely satisfies its untouched magnificence.

Adding more to it, several people in Islamabad city enjoy a high, elite-like living lifestyle. The wealthy lifestyle of Islamabad is well-reflected through the existence of many big shopping malls in Islamabad with fitness centers, and high-end eateries. In fact, food restaurants are one of the popular business Ideas in the capital.

Specifically, directed to the shopping location in Islamabad, some recent locations pitched from the last few years have now arrived to be identified as one of the best malls in Islamabad but also in Pakistan.

If you don’t have any objectives this weekend, how about visiting some of the best shopping malls? Whether you are in dire need of some retail treatment or desire to celebrate the end of the week by spending a few hours in a food court or a cinema watching the movie with your loved ones?

In this blog, we will discuss the top 9 Islamabad malls that are picked by the residents to buy luxury and needful items.

So, before it takes more of your time, let’s begin!

List of 9 Famous Shopping Malls in Islamabad:

Name Location Floors Facilities
1. Centaurus Mall F-8/4 Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad 26 Floors boutiques, bookstores, jewelers, opticians, and hundreds of other outlets, Cineplex, food courts, fitness centers, 24/7 security, Elevators, Fun City, Escalators, Mosque, tidy separate washrooms for girls and boys, Benches for rest, wheelchairs, grocery stores, ATMs, and an extensive car parking
2. Safa Gold Mall College Rd, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad ——— Play area for the kids, 24.7security, an eco-friendly environment, Food courts, brands outlets, elevators, ATMs, Escalators, and an extensive car parking
3. Giga Mall Main GT Road, Defense Housing Authority, Sector F DHA Phase II, Islamabad 14 Floors ATMs of many leading banks, prayer area, Wi-Fi installation, elevators, escalators, a safe environment, wheelchair accessibility for senior citizens
4. Olympus Mall Plot 23, S 11، F 11 Markaz, Islamabad ——— Branded Outlets, Food Court, Rooftop Restaurants, Play Area, Energy-efficient Central Air Conditioning, Energy-efficient Backup Generators, Escalators, Panoramic Lifts, State-of-the-art Security System, Two Basements Underground Parking, Valet Parking, Earthquake Resistant
5. Al-Janat Mall G-9 Markaz, Islamabad ——— Elevators, special areas for prayers, ATM, first aid, and play areas
6. Mall Of Islamabad Jinnah Ave, Block J F 7/1 Blue Area, Islamabad 20-floor 24-hour staffed reception and security, Concierge services Cinema Club, Connected Lounge, Residents gymnasium, Entertaining Space, Contemporary Restaurant, Café-bar on the ground floor of an adjoining commercial building
7. Emporium Mall Islamabad F10 Markaz, Islamabad ——— Geothermal Air Conditioning, Clean & Clear Ownership, Fully Approved Car Park, Four Sides Visibility, Strategic Location, Rooftop Restaurant, Lifetime Maintenance, Largest Outdoor Video Digital Wall, and Skylight Ensuring Fresh Atmosphere
8. Gulberg Mall

Gulberg Greens Block A, Islamabad

11 Floors

High-speed elevator, Parking lots, Reception area, 24/7 electricity backup, Food Court (136 Shops), Cinema, Rooftop Swimming Pool, Kids area, Over 50 Brands, ATMs, and grocery stores

 9. Majestic Mall

GT road commercial, Block B Multi Gardens B-17, Islamabad

7 Floors

Connectivity to CPEC, ATMs, Free Wi-Fi, Gaming zone, Kids play area, Reception Area, Mosque, Cinema, Escalators, Secure environment, Availability of brand outlets, Food court, and Parking lot

1. Centaurus Mall

Centaurus Mall Islamabad


Centaurus Mall is well-known for its eye-catching design, which is the idea of three sky-scraping structures combined with a remarkable cross-wave layout. It has three residential and authorized incorporation buildings and a five-floor shopping mall. Centaurus emerges as a splendid view and is undoubtedly an attraction separated for being a retail enterprise. It is located at a prime location at F8، 4 Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad. There are several famous marketing agencies near Centaurus Mall.

Centaurus mall Islamabad came into operation in 2013. Right after its launch, several reputed brands such as Khaadi, Bonanza, KFC, and others opened their branches in it to become a part of this stunning creature of the time.

Centaurus mall Islamabad accommodates all the known and outclassed outlets, mini shops, and a massive supermarket as well. The supermarket is the well-known unit of the Al-Fatah chain and is one site for all the groceries. Centaurus mall Islamabad also has a Fun land with festive rides and a food avenue. Being one of the best shopping malls, Centaurus has been a lavish mall throughout the years, and nationwide as well as foreign tourists/visitors love it. You will get to see numerous international faces at Centaurus for its positively engaging profile.

Besides all this, Centaurus mall Islamabad has a variety of facilities such as boutiques, bookstores, jewelers, opticians, and hundreds of other outlets, Cineplex, food courts, fitness centers, 24/7 security, Elevators, Fun City, Escalators, Mosque, tidy separate washrooms for girls and boys, Benches for rest, wheelchairs, grocery stores, ATMs, and an extensive car parking.

2. Safa Gold Mall



If you are wondering where to shop for leading fashion brands in the capital of Pakistan? It’s a suggestion to head over to Safa Gold Mall to relish a branded shopping romp!

Besides shopping, this one of the best Islamabad malls also reveals many fun-filled entertainment activities to support you and your loved ones. You can enhance your online presence and boost business prospects by exploring the latest fashion trends both for personal style and affiliate marketing purposes.

Additionally, Safa Gold Mall presents a protected environment for your children to play around. Some of the facilities include a play area for the kids, 24/7 security, an eco-friendly environment, Food courts, brand outlets, elevators, ATMs, Escalators, and extensive car parking.

On another side, a specific space has been designated for young kids in Safa Gold Mall with games such as a bowling area and other types of indoor rides. Some of the top food brands have honored this mall with their existence in the shape of stalls and outlets open on the food court floor.

3. Giga Mall

giga mall islamabad



Have you ever heard the name of Giga mall Islamabad? or World Trade Center Islamabad? It is one of the leading famous malls in Islamabad, with various facilities, food courts, and much more. It is located at a prime location at Main GT Road, Defense Housing Authority, Sector F DHA Phase II, Islamabad. Giga Mall is a 14-floor shopping mall that is also known as World Trade Center, Islamabad.

Giga mall Islamabad is counted among the best shopping malls in Islamabad and is a fantastic spot for shopping and bringing an exhilarating amount of entertainment for the whole family. This state-of-the-art shopping mall is a spot for several local and internationally reputed brands dealing in clothing, food, and accessories. Giga Mall in Islamabad is also sufficiently recognized for having an outlet of Carrefour. From groceries to home products and clothing, carrefour offers various shopping adventures to every guest.

4. Olympus Mall

THE OLYMPUS MALL Islamabad - Al Fattah | Aluminium & Glass


The Olympus Mall is Islamabad’s one of the most delinquent visionary ventures into the domain of retail and was the highly anticipated project awaiting completion in Islamabad. It is one of the new malls in Islamabad completed within its first 12 months of trading. The Olympus Mall has fully transformed the face of retailing and become the standard for quality Pakistani retailing.

Located at a premium location in the residential and commercial sector of F-11 Markaz, the project encouraged by the neoteric criteria set by malls in the west will surely be an eye-catching vista. The structure of Olympus mall basically represents the Greek archeological style which makes it distinctive from other Islamabad shopping malls.

5. Al-Janat Mall

Al-Janat Mall- shopping malls in Islamabad


Last but not least, we have Al-Janat mall. As the name explains, it is a spot like a heaven for the shopaholic people. Al-janat mall is considered one of the best shopping malls in the twin cities for all kinds of shopping. No matter, even if it is jewelry, shoes, branded clothes, kid’s clothes, etc. All top-notched clothing brands outlets are available in this stunning mall, which makes it compelling to perform shopping.

The best thing is that they offer discounts and value to their buyers. It is located at a prime location of G-9 Markaz Islamabad, the majority of people from Rawalpindi and Islamabad head over whenever there is a necessity of shopping. It makes it to be counted in between one of the famous malls in Islamabad.

6. Mall Of Islamabad


shopping malls in Islamabad


Next on our list is the Mall of Islamabad. It is about enhancing the thinking of the past radically to deliver the best conceivable atmosphere for today. From a premier location in the capital, Main Jinnah Avenue in Blue Area, the Mall of Islamabad presents a periodic window into one of the most worldly-wise capitals in the world.

Scenic panoramas over the long-coveted space of Jinnah Avenue with Margalla Hills in the location take in every shape of the capital’s skyline. It is a commercial real estate project developed by Bahria Town. The Mall of Islamabad contains an exclusive benefit over other comparable projects.

It is a 20-floor shopping mall spread over an area of 910,000 Sq Ft, almost 500 feet high. This CDA-approved elegant mix-used multi-purpose shopping mall in Islamabad was launched in 2015. Initially, construction began in 2014. It is almost complete. It’s a project by real estate developer Bahria Town.

7. Emporium Mall Islamabad

Shopping malls in Islamabad


Emporium Mall has an excellent portfolio of an intermediate up-to-the-mark mall, with all apparel, accessories, makeup, and footwear shops in an air-conditioned environment. This stunning shopping mall is located at a prime location of F10 Markaz.

It is a Skyline project of Islamabad that will have an exceptional retail venture at the best-suited location in town with the name Emporium Islamabad. It is one of the high-profile commercial projects of Islamabad that will deliver a magnificent shopping arcade and has presented unique lifestyle standards. The project is Pakistan’s first-ever high-rise shopping mall with 11 floors delivering all sorts of shopping and recreational amenities. Emporium Islamabad is a magnificent, unpaired, edge-cutting idea designed with seven distinct concepts, where each floor will recall a diverse theme, perspective, and feel.

Every floor of the mall reveals new excitement and elements that count as treasured components to the guests’ excitement. Emporium Islamabad is surely a pictorial approach that has been carefully developed in the premium area of Islamabad. The shopping mall is constructed on a four-sided corner plot delivering 150 shops, hundreds of multinational and local brands, rooftop cafes, a gaming zone, an open-air restaurant, and multiple recreation facilities with a thematic layout. It also has a smallish parking area and is an efficiently accessible mall for most of Islamabad.

8. Gulberg Mall:

Famous Shopping Malls in Islamabad


Islamabad is a city of natural wonders, having beautiful parks, mountains, and lakes. But besides that, it is also known for its commercial buildings, exquisite restaurants, and famous shopping malls. So, if you are searching for the best malls in Islamabad, having all the top brands under one roof to make your life easy. To save you from the hustle of running from one shop to another in search of top clothing brands in Pakistan, we are here with another fantastic mall in Islamabad. Gulberg Mall is a grand project encompassing an area of 20 Kanals strategically located in the Block A of Gulberg Greens.

Are you familiar with the upcoming Gulberg Mall? If you still need to know about it, let us outline the facilities and amenities you can avail there. Gulberg Mall accommodates all the top brands of Pakistan as well as some famous international brands. It also has 24/7 functional elevators, electricity backup, and a secure environment for your ease. And a well-equipped food court with all famous food brands to fill you up with the satisfaction of having your favorite meal.

Gulberg Mall also allows you to be captivated by its fun-filled entertainment area. A gaming zone with all the top-tier facilities is there for adults and for your children; there is a kid’s area with many activities to keep your little ones busy. Besides that, Gulberg Mall will also have ATMs of leading banks, a Cinema of 5914 sq. ft, a rooftop swimming pool, a reception area, and much more is yet to be figured.

9. Majestic Mall:

famous shopping malls in islamabad

We are here with a piece of exciting news for the residents of B-17. As the launch of Majestic Mall is right around the corner. If you still haven’t heard about this excellent project of the Ajaib Group, after the successful completion of shopping malls in Peshawar. Don’t worry; we will lay out the details and let you know about the wonders you are about to witness.

Majestic Mall is ideally located in the Block B of Multi Gardens, B-17. If you happen to live in the B-17 area of Islamabad, you just got lucky, as you can avail profitable investment opportunities in this magnificent upcoming project. Besides that, Majestic Mall consists of all the amenities one can think of. It has a well-staffed reception area, ATMs of your desired bank, free Wi-Fi, a food court, a cinema, a swimming pool, and a mosque to maintain religious values.

Majestic Mall accommodates all the top Clothing brands in Pakistan to make your shopping experience extraordinary. It is safe to say that right after the completion of this stunning project, Majestic Mall will be considered one of the best shopping malls in Islamabad.

Summing Up:

Above were the top 9 Malls in Islamabad that are the most chosen spot by the locals, as well as international tourists. These malls are another way of promoting retail business and construction business in Pakistan, which actually boosts a country’s economic value.

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