6 Evolving Digital Marketing Trends in Real Estate 2021


No matter how many times we read this, the fact that the pandemic has been fluctuational to us all, remains very relevant. Since the onset, we’ve noticed how all the industries are being affected by it, including digital marketing and real estate. And when the world turned upside down to survive in a time of utter chaos, it made sense to rely on the internet as our primary source of… well, everything – education, employment, and entertainment. Also Read our Blog on Scom Internet Packages

This is why it is so important for brands now to maintain an online presence if they want to shine in the hall of fame of businesses. In the race of reliance on the world wide web, the digital marketing industry and real estate industry did not lag very far behind. In fact, they managed to find creative ways to keep up with the evolving online marketing trends. 

Let’s consider all the ways digital marketing trends have evolved since 2020. Firstly, the use of aerial drones was previously very limited. However, an increase was noticed when the virus limited everyone’s movement and people increased their screentime. Using these, many realtors provided virtual tours through videos and pictures, capturing every aspect of the real estate project/s. 

Virtual tours itself was a feature that was included in the website but always overlooked by live viewing a place instead of on a screen. Augmented Reality has been a huge help in this regard. Many interested buyers just had to download an app and could access a 3D model of the place anytime, anywhere – free of cost. 

Another top digital marketing trend for the year 2021 is digital automation. Basically, everything from running email campaigns to personalized answering and advertisements. A requirement the digital marketing has put forward is to be more engaging, develop more content, and do more customization. The key is to play with it different factors so that it is utilized efficiently in very little time. This trend is hardly new, however, new avenues within it have opened up – including the quantity and speed of digital automation.

Moving on, there’s Blockchain technology, which is basically, financing and monetary systems. In real estate, it is used for payments and even some services that simplify the rental process for tenants and renters. Now, it is being used in digital marketing too as a way of enabling marketers in tracking their advertisement placements. Moreover, Blockchain acquires results by ensuring that all its consumers click on any given ads. It produces accurate and reliable customer engagement data that further saves resources.

This proved especially useful in the ongoing pandemic period. Also, it gives consumers more control over what and how their personal info is used by marketers. If there is an element of trust between the brand and the consumer, then the consumers will have no problem sharing some of their personal data with them. Eventually, this helps in making personalized ads and hence the cycle continues per usual.

In addition, the social ad campaigns for real estate digital marketing have also evolved. For starters, geofencing and improved retargeting are some of the major changes that have taken place. Other than that, one can now create advanced social projects and get good ROIs as a result. Lastly, the most popular digital marketing trend is influencer marketing. People are more likely to trust and choose real people over any type of advertisement. Many people signed up to be influencers themselves since they had too much free time on their hands, all thanks to COVID-19.

Overall, the tragic time and the fateful and reliable access to the internet have boosted the exposure of companies and even put some of them on the map. Digital marketing was usually ignored by many of these companies who didn’t see the need or the charm of modern technology. Rather they were more comfortable with traditional methods instead. However, when the world came to a standstill, this was the necessary step. 

Even before the pandemic, digital marketing has always been there in the market for real estate advertising, and so, it is not entirely right to assume that the pandemic introduced something new. It only emphasized the importance and the development of the trends in real estate marketing. While this started for marketing in 2020, the real estate marketing trends and generally, digital marketing trends since then have only developed with very little changes to the original ideas. In the end, what matters is how you understand your audience and how you act then on the acquired knowledge.

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