The Ultimate Guide To Snapchat Marketing

The Ultimate Guide To Snapchat Marketing

What do you think about Snapchat? Just a playful application of weird-looking filters that is popular among teens? Snapchat is mostly known as an app that teens are using to take pictures and videos in filters & where they enjoy conversations that are disappeared after a while but the app is much more than this!

In early July 2022, there are almost 347 million daily active users from around the world. Snapchat now allows users to have different media formats, unique filters, and ad formats. If you know how you can interact on Snapchat, then you should be investing in it for your brand. There are many marketers who agree that their businesses should be on Snapchat as now there is a continuous growth of social media platforms where the businesses should have their presence. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of Snapchat, its importance, and ways you can market your business on it to earn more revenue.

Benefits Of Marketing Your Business On Snapchat

Enhance Your Digital Presence

Snapchat holds an amazing record of daily users, which can be used by marketers where they can increase their digital media presence. It is also mostly used by many teens and young adults so if they are your target audience, then you should start using Snapchat for marketing.

Perfect Place For Exclusive Content

This platform is best where you can showcase different content from your original content or you can share updates. Take your audience behind the scenes, something special for your audience so only they can find it. This will help your loyal users to keep coming back to your Snapchat.

Increase Engagement With Geo Filters

Geo filters are the types of filters that are only accessed within a specific area. It is a great idea where you can allow snapchatters to use a custom filter on their photo. Your geofilter will reach the area, and you can choose the amount of time you want your filter to be active and it will bring new customers to your business.

Importance of Marketing Your Business On Snapchat

Many businesses are now including Snapchat in their marketing plans as it is now a smart investment where they can create a presence on Snapchat. Users are now watching almost 10 billion videos every day on the app, then why don’t you cash these statistics? Snapchat may be a different platform, yet it’s an incredible platform where you can have lucrative new opportunities and find ways to connect with your target audience. Many statistics are proven record that Snapchat can be very valuable for different businesses and it can bring the right people to the right businesses. We are bringing you some stats that can show you the importance of marketing your business on Snapchat.

  • Pakistan has almost 23.8 million active users.
  • There are almost 51.8% of global users, who are female.
  • 76% of the online users on the app are also online shoppers.
  • In Pakistan, Snapchat ad reach vs internet users is 28.2%.
  • 64% of the ads are viewed with the sound on.
  • In early 2016, Google offered a $30 billion offer to Snapchat

Starting Your Business On Snapchat

With less competition on Snapchat, the chances of your brand standing out are very high. The first step you need to take is creating a business account on Snapchat. Even if your brand is small, it is important for you to create a business account. There are many new tools that will help you with your business, for which a business account is essential.
Some features that you will have an access to include:

  • Ads Manager for advertising.
  • A custom-creating tool for age targeting with which you can reach your target audience.
  • Another tool for location targets is to target a specific area for your ads.

Important Tools For Your Business On Snapchat

Snap Publisher:

This is the best tool where you can design an ad from the start. You can also use existing videos to convert them into ads. It is free to use, very easy, and an effective way to increase your audience.

Instant Create:

This tool allows you to import photos from your website, where you can create ads without any external design resources. You can run Snap Ads ads to grow your business.

Sponsored Lens:

It’s an interactive way where you can engage your users to try out lenses.

In conclusion, Snapchat has changed the world of marketing in the most unique way possible. In comparison to others, it’s a creative marketing tool where you can try new ideas & generate awesome results.

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