Work and Life Lessons for Youngsters

Work and Life Lessons for Youngsters

Underlining spotlight on how young folks who are in their early professional careers can be swayed by inspirational mentors. Be it their professionalism or the practice of ethics, how human values are intrinsic to everything we do.

There is obviously an element of luck in hitting the jackpot and getting the privilege of a ringside seat, but as the ancestors say, ‘you are lucky once’. Not all of us are fortunate enough to land our dream jobs or live according to our wishes because some just survive. But this is how life is, you find reasons to live.

It is easy to get swamped up in the perpetual flow of decisions and events that constitute our lives and to forget that we are the reason for our stress. Next time if you are tempted to lash out in the middle of the road or feel like hitting someone, remember that life should not be taken very seriously.
I have gathered up my top 10 lessons that need to be taken to heart before it’s too late

I have gathered up my top 10 lessons that need to be taken to heart before it’s too late!

Life is short, so don’t be unhappy at work
Always remember that at the end, everything falls into place, never ever think that this is the end. There are three happiness traps; the Anxious Trap, the Should Trap, and the Overwork Trap. People are bored, detached, or jaded, ending up sabotaging plans, worrying, and quitting work. Dig deeper, find reasons why you are unhappy at work, and try to fix them. Know that if you are working hard, you will get the reward for that, just stay calm and have patience. Get to know about Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan.

Social Network matters
Hand in hand with learning, the key to surviving is a great social network. Never assume that talking to a coworker during a lunch break or tea break is dull because studies have confirmed that social networks are vital for success. If you look around, the most successful people have the broadest and diverse social networks.

Sacrificing your health for success or wealth is stupid

It’s a tough row to hoe balancing work and personal life, many people tend to land into domestic issues and end up burning out. However, the truth is that it’s no rocket science. No amount of success or wealth can replace your health. Try to work hard and smart, do not take your health for granted. Practice steps to mitigate the stress of workload.

The best moments of your life will take place outside of the screen

The internet has literally turned our existence upside down, as you see, our most preferred medium of everyday communication is the phone. Do you know that the true charmers never spend countless hours looking at the screen? They take breaks at work, and they switch off phones after 10 pm and take walks among nature. Remember that being thoughtful about our screens can help us emerge from the worries and look for little reasons to be happy.

Never stop learning

Just because you have pursued your master’s in Journalism doesn’t mean that your learning has stopped. Go for a job in real estate or work in the developmental sector. Try new places and new sectors, Trust me!! there’s a big chance that you will not come off as arrogant.

Failure is not the end
It’s perfectly okay to fail. The best way to learn and grow is through making mistakes and failing. You will come out of your comfort zone when you fail, this is where you will seek new opportunities. One thing that all successful people have in common is the aptness to refresh and restart their mindset. To power on, regardless of the failure.

Always look for new things to work on, if you stick to only performing your skill, you will be bored in no time. Humans need to be agile and nimble and should be looking for new, exciting, and interesting things, otherwise, you will become stagnant.

Worrying won’t do any good to you
Life is either a roller coaster ride or a journey on a bumpy road. Bad things happen, good things happen, but life never stops. It is okay for everything, it is okay for that one phone that was stolen, it is okay for that favorite Coco Channel perfume bottle that was broken, and it’s perfectly okay if you were fired from your office. Because one thing leads to another; you always grow, learn, and, eventually, you forget what happened. You have only one life, spend it happily and be at peace because worrying won’t do any good to you.

If you are alone, you will be slow, if you go in the pack, you will get there anytime sooner
There is a famous quote from the series, Game of Thrones, “When the white wind blows, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives”. If you work alone, at the end of the day, you will stay alone. However, if you work in a team, you will thrive in cooperation, integration, and a healthy work environment. In teams, your colleagues will help you resolve any problem that you land into, answer your queries, and remember that great ideas don’t come from lone geniuses.

Don’t be a quitter
It feels tempting to just give up, but when you land into a mess at work, don’t give up because when you submit your resignation, five days after that you will regret it. There should be solid and legit reasons to quit. Consult, talk, push a little harder to handle things, keep trying, learn along the way, and you will get to somewhere because success doesn’t come without perseverance.

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