5 Top Online Earning Games in Pakistan in 2024

Online Earning Games in Pakistan

We all are familiar with the fact that online earning websites have recently become very popular in Pakistan, offering effortless income opportunities to people. Keeping in view the present economic situation and rising inflation rates, having access to such opportunities to make supplemental income can be a game-changer for many people in Pakistan. Several apps are on the rise by which you can earn money by watching ads in Pakistan or playing games. So, if you are searching for Passive income opportunities and want to earn money online in Pakistan without specialized skills, then it’s worth exploring real earning games in Pakistan.

Online earning games refer to games that allow players to earn money through various means, such as completing tasks, participating in competitions, or selling virtual items, which can also serve as small investment ideas for those interested in gaming. This trend of playing games to earn money in Pakistan has become increasingly popular.

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In this blog post, we will explore the world of online earning games in Pakistan in 2024, discussing some of the most popular games, their pros and cons, and tips for doing so safely and effectively.

Popular 5 Online Earning Games in Pakistan

Here is a list of some popular online earning games in Pakistan in 2024 that you can use as a source of income for you.

  • Pubg
  • Forest Knight
  • 8 Ball Pool
  • Ludo Star
  • Teen Patti


Online Earning Games in Pakistan-pubg





PUBG is a popular online battle royale video game, and AI is a technological field focused on creating intelligent systems. However, some interesting connections and potential intersections between PUBG and Artificial Intelligence make the game more interesting. The game’s popularity has led to numerous PUBG tournaments and events, which offer players a chance to earn money while playing their favorite game.

In Pakistan, people can earn money through PUBG by participating in tournaments organized by event organizers, sponsors, and gaming communities. The tournament winner receives a cash prize; other top-performing players may also receive prizes.

Additionally, people can earn money by streaming their gameplay on platforms like Twitch or YouTube, receiving money from donations, sponsorships, and advertisements. To participate in tournaments or become a streamer, players must understand the game well, possess excellent communication skills, and practice for hours every day.

2. Forest Knight

Online Earning Games in Pakistan-Forest Knight

Forest Knight is an exciting online earning game in Pakistan that offers adventure and earning opportunities. Forest Knight combines elements of strategy and adventure. With its engaging gameplay and the ability to earn real money, it is no surprise that Forest Knight has gained a significant following in Pakistan.

Forest Knight is a game where players become brave knights and explore a magical forest filled with treasures and creatures. The game has a turn-based combat system where players must strategically plan their moves to defeat enemies and advance through levels. One unique feature of Forest Knight is the ability to earn real money through gameplay.

The game operates on a blockchain-based marketplace where players can sell virtual items, like weapons and armor, to other players for cryptocurrency. Players can download the game from the App Store or Google Play Store, create an account, and earn virtual items and cryptocurrency through gameplay to start playing.

3. 8 Ball Pool

Online Earning Games in Pakistan-8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is another real earning games in Pakistan in 2024 that has recently gained significant popularity as you can earn money online in Pakistan without investment. The game is a virtual pool game where players can compete against each other in real-time multiplayer matches.

One of the unique features of the 8 Ball Pool is the ability to earn real money by playing the game. Players can earn in-game currency by winning matches and completing various challenges. This in-game currency can then be exchanged for real cash or used to purchase virtual items in the game’s store.

In addition to earning in-game currency, players can participate in various tournaments and events hosted by the game’s developers. These events often have cash prizes for the winners, with some tournaments offering thousands of dollars in prize money.

To participate in these events, players must first register and qualify for the tournament. Qualification can be achieved by winning matches and completing certain challenges within the game. Once qualified, players can compete against other qualified players in the tournament, with the winner taking home the cash prize.

4. Ludo Star

Online Earning Games in Pakistan-Ludo Star

Ludo Star is one of the most popular online earning games in Pakistan in 2024. This game gained massive popularity in the country, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when many people sought ways to earn money online while staying home.

Ludo Star is a digital version of the classic board game Ludo, where players can compete with other players online and win real cash. The game follows the traditional rules of Ludo, where each player has four pieces that they need to move from the starting point to the finishing point by rolling the dice. The player who reaches the finish line first wins the game.

In Ludo Star, players can enter competitions and tournaments to win real cash prizes. The winnings can range from a few hundred to thousands of rupees, depending on the level of competition and the number of players participating.

Players need to download the game from the app store to earn money online in Pakistan and create an account to play Ludo Star. They can then enter competitions and tournaments by paying a small entry fee. The game uses a random number generator to determine the dice rolls, ensuring fair and unbiased gameplay.

5. Teen Patti

Online Earning Games in Pakistan

Teen Patti is another popular online earning game in Pakistan that has gained significant popularity among players who enjoy card games. It is a game of chance that originated in India and has now spread to other countries, including Pakistan. This game will allow you to earn even more than you can earn from online jobs in Pakistan.

Teen Patti is a card game in which players bet on the value of their cards, and the winner is decided by the ranking of their cards. It requires skill and luck and is available on various online gaming platforms in Pakistan with different stakes and even live dealer games. The game’s popularity in Pakistan is due to the opportunity it offers players to earn real money, with some even playing professionally. In short, Teen Patti allows players to earn money online in Pakistan without investment.

Pros and Cons of Online Earning Games in Pakistan in 2024

Online Gaming in Pakistan has its own pros and cons. Some of the pros of playing these games include the following:

Online Earning Games-Prons and Cons

  • Convenience and flexibility

Online earning games can be played anywhere, anytime, making them a convenient way to make money without leaving home.

  • Possibility of earning a significant amount of money

Starting a small business is another way to earn money, and there are numerous business ideas in Pakistan suitable for various budgets and interests. But when there’s a possibility to earn without effort, of course, you’ll go for that.  Through these online earning games, you can earn a significant amount depending on the game and the level of competition; players can earn a substantial amount of money through online earning games.

  • Opportunity for skill development

Some online earning games require players to develop skills such as strategy, hand-eye coordination, and quick decision-making, providing an opportunity for skill development.

Some of the cons of playing earn money online in Pakistan via games include the following:

  • Risk of addiction

Like any other form of online gaming, online earning games can be addictive, leading to excessive gameplay and neglect of other vital responsibilities.

  • Scams and frauds

Online earning games can attract scammers and fraudsters looking to exploit players and steal their money.

  • Lack of job security

Online earning games do not provide job security, as the fun and platforms can shut down anytime, leaving players without a source of income.

Tips for Playing Online Earning Games in Pakistan in 2024

To play online earning games in Pakistan safely and effectively, it is essential to follow these tips:

  • Set limits on your gameplay

Set specific times and limits for online earning games to avoid excessive gameplay and neglect of other important responsibilities.

  • Research the game and the platform

Before investing your time and money into any online earning game in Pakistan, research the game and the platform to ensure it is legitimate.

  • Protection of your personal information

Be cautious about sharing personal information while playing online earning games to prevent fraud and identity theft.

  • Don’t invest more money than you can afford

Investing only the amount you can afford to lose while playing online earning games is essential.


In conclusion, online earning games in Pakistan in 2024 have gained significant popularity due to their potential to provide financial benefits to players. Now it is easy to earn money online in Pakistan without investment; however, it is essential to remember that these games are often based on chance and luck and can also be addictive. Players should always be cautious and responsible when participating in these games and prioritize their financial stability and well-being. The government and regulatory bodies must also monitor and regulate these games to prevent fraudulent or illegal activities.


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