List of Top 7 Internet Service Providers in Islamabad

Internet Service Providers in Islamabad

The Internet has become so vast and powerful that it impacts our lives in several ways. It is up to the user to reap the benefits of its beneficial influence while becoming ruined in the negative space. It contains everything a human being could possibly require. Because of the Internet, we have all become members of a global community. It has simplified our interactions with friends, strangers, schools, and businesses.

Internet is now required in every home or office. It has created new methods for conducting business and making money. Because of the increased demand, more internet service providers are available to make this prominent facility available at our home or office.

In the bustling city of Islamabad, where connectivity plays a pivotal role in both business and personal life, it’s crucial to have reliable internet service providers (ISPs). As the capital of Pakistan continues to evolve and adapt to the digital age, there’s a growing demand for high-speed and affordable internet packages. Today, we’ll explore the top ISPs in Islamabad. 

Notable Statistics:

Pakistan got internet access in the early 1990s and has about 118.8 million internet users, which makes it the world’s eighth most populous internet country. By 2006, it had grown to 6.5%, and by 2012, it had grown to 10%. According to a recent analysis of Pakistan’s digital population, the country’s internet penetration in 2021 is 54%, with more than half of the population using it daily. 76% of Pakistanis in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad have internet access. According to recent research from Google and Kantar, a research firm based in Karachi. Statistics say 46% of Pakistanis use the Internet daily, with 66% of users living in cities and 47% in rural areas.

Pakistan’s digital economy is developing quickly. Technology has been adopted and deployed for the benefit of our society. But a quick and reliable internet connection is where it all begins. Are you trying to get reliable top internet services in Pakistan? A few of the reputable internet service providers in Islamabad are listed below. You can look at them and choose what best suits your needs and budget.

An organization that offers internet services to its users is known as an internet service provider. A large number of Internet Service Providers in Islamabad offer high speed internet services.

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List of Top 7 Internet Service Providers in Islamabad

  1. PTCL
  2. Stormfiber
  3. Zong 4G Bolt
  4. Nayatel
  5. Jazz Super 4G Wingle
  6. TransWorld
  7. OPTIX


Internet Service Providers in Islamabad


PTCL, a household name, has been serving the nation with its internet services for years. With PTCL you can get yourself subscribed to various 4G packages so that if sometimes PTCL is out of service, you can uninterruptingly enjoy a range of Scom Internet Packages that cater to various needs, from basic browsing to high-speed streaming.

The largest ISP in Islamabad is PTCL, which has a nationwide client base and contracts with other ISPs to provide service to businesses and households. Until it was privatized in 2006, the institution was owned by the government. It is also the leading telecom provider in the nation; thanks to PTCL, practically the whole nation now has access to the Internet.

Customers can choose from various best Internet packages from PTCL that vary in speed, including 20mbps, 30mbps, 50mbps, 100mbps, and even 250mbps. To help customers stay connected while on the go, the company has also made 3G and 4G mobile internet devices available in addition to DSL connections.

PTCL Internet Packages in Islamabad


Company PTCL
Location M3R5+J38, Aiwan-e-Sanat-o-Tijarat Rd, G-8 Mauve Area Block-E G-8, Islamabad
Installation cost PKR 2,499 inclusive of Tax/- (over existing landline) and PKR 5000 inclusive of tax/- (Landline + Internet + Smart T.V.)
Monthly Packages PKR 1750/-
Internet Speed Up to 6 Mbps

2. Stormfiber

Internet Service Providers in Islamabad

Stormfiber established a reputation among gamers by offering High Speed Internet connections at reasonable costs and low pings that helped ease the problems present in this industry.

Stormfiber has gained popularity for its exceptional speed and reliability. It allows you to subscribe to different internet packages like jazz internet packages, for you to enjoy seamless connectivity, in case your ISP is not working properly. Stormfiber is dedicated to delivering next-generation connectivity. By accessing the “coverage area” tab on Storm fiber’s website, you may immediately find out if they offer services in your neighborhood.

Stormfiber Internet Package’s in Islamabad

Company Stormfiber
Location Plot No 89, Street No. 14 (Through, Street 10, 9/2 I 9/2 Industrial Area, Islamabad
Installation cost PKR 5,999/-
Monthly Packages PKR 1999/- (without tax)
Internet Speed 10 Mbps

3. Zong 4G Bolt

Internet service Providers in Islamabad. Zong 4G bolt

Bolt and Bolt+ are two wireless products from Zong that offer a variety of the best internet packages and high speeds. You can connect up to 10 WiFi devices with a Zong 4G Bolt. You can use it immediately by plugging it into any USB power source. Impressive internet speeds of up to 36 Mbps are available. Zong 4G Bolt is successfully making use of Artificial Intelligence in their upcoming smart future technology services. 

Zong 4G Bolt Internet Package’s in Islamabad

Company Zong
Location Redco Office, Plaza Jinnah Ave, Block G G 7/3 Blue Area, Islamabad
Installation cost You just have to buy a device
Monthly Packages PKR 1500/- (without tax)
Internet Speed Up to 150 Mbps


  • With speeds of up to 150 Mbps, Pakistan’s fastest portable internet gadget is now available.
  • There is no condition to install any software; just plug and play. Just plug it in to start experiencing lightning-fast speed.
  • Connect up to 10 WiFi devices simultaneously, including LEDs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • LTE/3G/2G fallback alternative available.
  • WiFi 2.4GHz and 5 MHz bands.
  • 3.8 V 1500 mAh lithium Battery (rechargeable).
  • Battery 6 Hours working time, 300 Hours stand by (Network Dependent).

4. Nayatel

Internet Service Providers in Islamabad- Nayatel

In terms of superior service, Nayatel is the market leader. It runs throughout Pakistan’s most prominent cities, such as Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, and Karachi and is constantly trying to grow more and more.

Customers now have a standard for what to anticipate from Internet service providers thanks to a well-known ISP. Nayatel requires a one-time installation fee of Rs. 11,000, which can be paid in installments. By purchasing a 2.4GHz and 5GHz router and an optical fibre link, these fees are not wasted, and you get value for your money.

Any necessary cable routing in your home is handled expertly by their experts. Nayatel provides cutting-edge services, including nightly speed-up packages, where you can rent 100 Mbps of bandwidth for a single night for Rs. 49. These extras improve the experience and provide the bundle with more options.

Nayatel is a local favorite, offering lightning-fast internet and exceptional customer service. If you’re looking for information on how to register a company in Pakistan while enjoying reliable internet, Nayatel is an excellent option.

Nayatel Internet Package’s in Islamabad

Company Nayatel
Location 73-E G.D. Arcade, AKM Fazl-ul-Haq Rd, G 7/2 Blue Area, Islamabad
Installation cost PKR 11,000 (instalment plan is available)
Monthly Packages PKR 1,999/-
Internet Speed Upto 10 Mbps

5. Jazz Super 4G Devices

Internet Service Providers in Islamabad- Jazz telecommunication

One of Pakistan’s best and most established telecommunications providers is Mobilink Jazz. It has been effective for more than 25 years. Jazz has introduced the Jazz 4G WiFi and Jazz 4G Wingle devices to provide its consumers with breathtakingly fast Internet. The Wingle and Jazz 4G WiFi gadgets have a respectable 2300 mAh battery life. It makes WiFi WPS connectivity possible.

Unbelievably fast, 4G speeds can reach 150 Mbps, which is lightning fast. These WiFi devices can function well with up to 10 users connected simultaneously. The device is effortless to set up. Simply download the Jazz app and configure the device. Jazz Super 4G Wingle provides internet-on-the-go solutions. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or an entrepreneur exploring online business ideas in Pakistan, Jazz’s portable internet options can keep you connected.

The Wingle devices feature an intelligent design similar to that of USB. Simply plug it into any available port and start using the most significant best internet packages with the best features at the fastest speed.

Company Nayatel
Location Jinnah Avenue Block G G 7/3 Blue Area, Islamabad
Installation cost You just have to buy a device
Monthly Packages PKR 999/-
Internet Speed Up to 150 Mbps


  • 4G Speed Upto 150 Mbps
  • Supports Micro SD Card up to 32 G.B.
  • Sleek USB Design
  • Plug and Play No Installation
  • Connect Up to 12 WIFI Devices Simultaneously
  • One Tap Setting Through Mobile App
  • Warranty


Internet Service Providers in Islamabad

A reliable internet connection has the power to transform lives. It opens doors to limitless knowledge, educational opportunities, remote work options, global connectivity, entertainment, and communication.

It enables access to information, enhances productivity, fosters personal growth, and connects individuals across the world, revolutionizing the way we live and interact. This is where Transworld comes into play. Whether you want to stay connected or seek online earning apps in Pakistan, it’s an excellent choice for you.

Transworld Home, operating in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, provides premium internet and TV services. With speeds of up to 100 Mbps and a wide selection of 100+ HD channels, they offer a top-tier entertainment experience.

Notably, Transworld Home stands out as the only ISP collaborating with an international Tier-1 Operator, offering various high-speed internet packages for every occasion.


Transworld Home


39-C, 10th Street, Khayaban-e-Mujahid, (Khadda Market) DHA Phase 5 – Karachi, Pakistan

Installation Cost

  • One-time Cost: PKR 12,000 (available on installments)
  • Tru™ Smart Box: PKR 7,000 (available on installments)
  • Special Promo: Also available at ZERO upfront charges 
  • Installation Time: 1-2 day

Monthly Package

PKR 2,500/-

Internet Speed

Up to 20 Mbps


Internet Service Providers in Islamabad- Optix

Having a good internet connection is crucial for seamless streaming and productive remote work. It ensures smooth video playback, uninterrupted communication, and faster file transfers. A reliable connection eliminates buffering, enhances collaboration, and maximizes efficiency, enabling enjoyable entertainment experiences and efficient work processes. 

Optix is renowned for providing exceptional internet services in Pakistan, understanding the significance of high-quality connectivity for residential consumers. They prioritize superfast speeds and uninterrupted performance. For businesses looking to partner with marketing companies in Islamabad or seeking connectivity solutions tailored to their needs, OPTIX offers a range of services, including dedicated internet lines.

When compared to other service providers, Optix and Nayatel stand out as industry leaders, known for their dedicated customer support. Optix boasts unmatched voice quality, creating a lifelike, almost face to face, communication experience.




Shop # 502, Adyala Road, Askari 13, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Installation Cost

PKR 10,000

Monthly Package

PKR 2,799

Internet Speed

Up to 100 Mbps

Let’s Wrap Up:

As Islamabad continues to offer job opportunities in multinational companies in Pakistan and expand its digital footprint, the demand for reliable internet services is at an all-time high. With options like these, you can seamlessly stay connected, whether you’re exploring Amazon services in Pakistan, delving into the scope of artificial intelligence, or looking for online earning websites, All the above-mentioned ISPs provide the fastest internet service in Islamabad and all other cities of Pakistan. The capital city’s ISPs are ready to keep you plugged into the digital world. 


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