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Many people think digital marketing and social media marketing are the same. They believe that participating in various social media platforms constitutes digital marketing, but this is only one aspect.

Digital marketing is an umbrella phrase for all marketing activities a brand engages in to broadcast its products or services, both online and offline. Social media marketing, on the other side, is one of the digital media marketing channels. It entails marketing on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, among others. Also Read our Blog on Scom Internet Packages

Table of Content :

1. Digital Marketing and Its Goals

2. Types of Digital Marketing

3. Social Media Marketing and Its Goals

4. Types of Social Media Marketing

5. Digital and Social Media Marketing Examples

6. Digital Marketing VS Social Media Marketing

7. Top Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Tools


1. What Is Digital Marketing And How Does It Function?

According to the definition, marketing is advertising a company’s goods or services to increase public awareness and generate sales. The usage of digital media to promote your goods or services is referred to as “digital marketing.”

Digital Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing is all about implementing a variety of tailored social media marketing channels to achieve any of the following goals:

Goals of Digital Marketing:

  • To boost the sales and profitability of your products or services.
  • Increase brand awareness and specify a stable connection with your target market.
  • Add significance by making it.
  •  Make your goods, services, or brand well-known.
  • And the list goes on…

Remember that you do not have to use all available digital media marketing platforms to achieve your marketing goals. Digital marketers develop a customized digital marketing strategy that includes your company’s best digital marketing channels, target audience, and budget.

There are different types of Digital marketing services in Pakistan. Some of them are mentioned below:

2. Types of Digital marketing services in Pakistan

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-per-Click
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Affiliate Marketing

Using all digital marketing channels is a bad idea that will not produce the desired results. Your industry, company, and target audience influence your chosen digital marketing scope. As an outcome, you’ll continually need to test, tweak, retest, and evaluate the outcomes of your efforts of digital marketing services to determine which ones work best for your brand or company. Based on these findings, you may discontinue any digital marketing channels that do not provide adequate growth or ROI.

3. What is Social Media Marketing, Exactly?

Digital marketing contains a wide range of activities, including social media marketing. It entails promoting your products, services, or brand through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Snapchat, and others.

Contending with your target audience, pursuing, uncovering industry influencers, publishing new and original content, holding competitions, and a variety of other strategies to capture the public’s attention on various social media platforms are typical.

Digital marketing vs social media marketing


There are different types of social media marketing services in Pakistan. Some of them are mentioned below:

4. Types of Social Media Marketing

  • Content marketing

  • Advertising/sponsorship

  • Influencer marketing

  • Social media management

  • Paid media

  • Building your following

  • Contributing to forums

  • Reviews

5. Digital and Social Media Marketing Examples

There are plenty of options and platforms for digital and social media marketing. Here are a few examples:

Digital Marketing Example

  • The purpose of digital marketing is to improve sales and profits, raise brand awareness, and build customer loyalty and brand value through the use of various electronic channels.
  • Marketers will generally test a digital marketing campaign, analyze the results, and make changes based on real-time data.
  • Digital marketing tools contain SEO, content creation applications, Google Ads, website analytics, and content calendars. This is how digital marketing helps business to grow and become well-known brands.

Social Media Marketing-SMM Example

  • Social media marketing is solely concerned with online social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and others.
  • The basics of digital marketing will remain the same, except that they are only applied to social networks.
  • Marketers choose channels that best express a company’s brand, provide the best visibility, and are popular among the brand’s ideal internet users.

Why Should You Contain Social Media Marketing in Your Digital Marketing Plan?

In recent years, the earth has become more social. According to research, internet users spend nearly 30% of their online time on social networking sites. You must use social media marketing to get your company in front of more people and expand your global reach.

For most businesses and brands, social media marketing initiatives yield a higher response rate than other types of digital media marketing. This, however, is not enough to accomplish the marketing goals. To obtain the most benefits and achieve the best ROI, businesses and brands must include other digital marketing aspects in their digital marketing strategy rather than focusing solely on social media marketing.

6. Digital Marketing vs Social Media Marketing

It must be explicit that social media marketing is only a piece of digital marketing. The comparison of both by the side shows you the following:

  • Digital marketing uses online and offline media to reach the target audience, whereas social media marketing is only available online.
  • Your digital media marketing campaign may include mobile advertisements, TV, online advertising, SMS, and so on, whereas social media marketing may include one or more social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Your content strategy is essential to conquering your social media marketing campaign. You must keep posting fresh and unique content on your social media accounts to interact with and engage your target audience. You can only use banner advertisements on different digital platforms such as TV, the Internet, or billboards to advertise your product, services, or brand via digital marketing.

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7. Top 10 Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Tools in 2023

To remain competitive, contemporary digital marketers must have a presence on various platforms. To effectively execute your marketing strategy, you need multiple tools. social media marketing tools have become essential for businesses looking to effectively manage their social media presence and execute successful marketing campaigns.

The marketing tools listed below will dominate the market in 2023, and companies that incorporate them into their marketing strategy will likely see significant improvements in their social media performance.

Digital Marketing Tools  Social Media Marketing Tools
Canva Hubspot
Google analytics Hootsuite
Ahrefs Sprout Social
Hootsuite Buffer
Mailchimp Canva
SEMrush Buzzsumo
Buzzsumo Mention
Yoast SEO AgoraPulse
Google AdsWords Trello
Crazy Egg Followerwonk


Is social media marketing a type of digital marketing?

The short answer is Yes. Digital marketing encompasses SEO, email marketing, content marketing, public relations, social media, and other related activities. Social media is only one of the multiple media construct a digital marketing plan.

What are the 6 types of social media marketing?

Creating and planning your social media marketing strategy is vital for success. Here are 6 types of social media marketing that you can use while designing your marketing strategy. Social Networks, Microblogging, Bookmarking Sites, Media Sharing, Forums and Community blogs.

Difference between digital and social media.

The digital definition is commonly described as any online or offline way to engage and reach a vast audience. Digital media platforms contain Google and Amazon, and social media is a kind of digital media limited to online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Why does digital marketing matter?

Digital marketing is crucial because it combines a company with its clients when they are online & is sufficient in all initiatives. It links businesses with definitive clients on Google via SEO & PPC, social media with social media marketing, & email with email marketing.

What are the digital and social media marketing jobs?

Containing more social media into a digital marketing strategy is no prolonged volitional choice. It is a need. And this signifies further career options are cropping up for you to carry into next or to employ to profit your business.

Some of its careers include Social Media Marketing Coordinator, Social Media Assistant, Engagement Coordinator/Online Community Manager, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Social Media Manager, Social Media Strategist, Social Media Analyst, Social Media Director/Director of Social Media, Social Media Consultant, SEO Executive, Graphic designer, content writer and much more. These all include both social media and digital marketing jobs.


This short and precise Digital Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing comparison explains the difference, examples, and benefits between social media and digital marketing. We hope the blog was helpful to you. You can also read our blog on Digital Marketing Growth Statistics.

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